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(3) Time is the master illusionist

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Cosmology and quantum physics hinted that time perhaps, may just be some illusion to human being … Illusion doesn’t mean we are having some funny fantasies or surrealism, rather, time is not exactly what and how we perceived in our human mind. Our consciousness tricked and fooled us – just like how Rene Descartes argued on human limitation senses.

Traditionally, within our human logic, we can never grasp time as anything but constant. People tend to see the similarity of time in archery. The archer (creator of time) will launch the arrow with his bow and the arrow moves forward, leaving the past and heading towards the future. You can’t turn back the time and the future will inevitably come to you. A start, middle and end. But .. how true is that?

Anyway, we Earthlings once thought that the earth was flat. So logically, if one kept persistently moving forward, he/she will eventually meet an end. But today we know that flat-earth is just an illusion. Earth is round, without border and one could keep traveling round and round and round the earth infinitely. So, here is a thought – What if time works in a similar way too? No start, no end, no border, but just move in circular constantly. Yes, this concept is similar to what we watched in the series Heroes. Hiro Nakamura described that time moves in circular motion instead of going on a straight line. And in the series, he got some special ability to bend time and move to any section of time he wishes to. That’s actually part of the time travel logic. If you are having hard time understanding this concept, take a rubberband and play around with it. You should understand it pretty easily … i think. (Hint: rubberband is inherently a perfect circle when left alone. but when you apply some force to bend it, one part of the rubberband will touch another part of the rubberband. that’s time bending. omg, i have just said everything about it wtf).

But to be fair, circular time-motion (the one mentioned above) is just one of the several time-travel models physicists have theorized so far. I will blog about the different model of time-travel later on, but for now let’s continue with this. So, what’s the prove

During Newtonian days, it was a norm for people to view time as constant. Isaac Newton, the greatest scientist at his time, believes in constant universe. One second ticked on Earth means one second ticked on Saturn or anywhere in the universe too. He believes that time and gravity travel instantaneously across the universe. However, Einstein’s ingenious work of Special Relativity produced a mind-boggling thought-experiment – the faster you travel, the slower the time goes. (Read the “Twin Paradox” to understand more on this). Time is relative to all the entity around the space – in some place, time beats faster while in other places, time beats slower (due to the  influence of matter on space-time). This theory had revolutionized the way how scientist perceived time. It was also around the same period of time, scientist in the area of physics saw the possibility in, something which we still see as science fiction today, time travel.

So, now we know that time is not constant. Still, it didn’t suggest anything solid that time is an illusion, right? I’m gonna tell you why – the secret of time lies with the recent discovery of quantum physics. Quantum physics is basically the studies of the atomic world – how and why they behave in certain ways, why and how they react to things (wave function collapse), string theories, the studies of eleventh dimension, and so on…. So let’s ask the question again, what are the mysterious connections between quantum physics and time? How do atoms ‘misbehaved’ and ‘played around with time‘?

I will continue this in part 2!


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October 7, 2007 at 10:16 am

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