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(Yahoo! Answers) What the hell is anti-matter?

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Question: I was watching some TV show talking about the start of the universe and they were talking about anti-matter.
How can you have anti-matter? Isn’t anti-matter already matter because it’s “stuff” and it takes up space? Help me, I am confused.

My Answer: This question can only be answered effectively using analogies. Ok, try to link these 2 analogies together alright? 😉

1. I bet you know what is a magnet right? Magnetism become meaningless if it is devoid either of positive or negative charge. A magnet is a magnet because it has both positive and negative charges. Same goes for universe, to create the universe, you need both matter and anti-matter.

2. When you freeze a pile of water, heat will escape from the water and slowly turn into ice. Now, think of ice as matter and heat as anti-matter. Same goes when you put the ice under the sun, heat will take over the ice and melt it down. The best word to describe this activity is ‘reactions’.

They are not exactly very precise analogies but i hope you will get the picture of how they work. Basically, this world is a yin-yang world. Matter and anti-matter work in a harmonious way. However, the world/universe we are living at consist mainly of matters only. Therefore, some scientist believes that there’s another side of the world where it mirrors our universe, consist mainly of anti-matter, hence the Parallel World.

When matter and anti-matter meets, they will create a very strong energy (big explosions).

Best Answer chosen by Asker :

Matter is composed of particles.
Antimatter is ALSO composed of particles with exactly the same characteristics as their corresponding matter particles, but with opposite charge.

If you combine matter and antimatter, you get a huge explosion (lots of released energy) and gamma rays.

In this universe, or … at least around here, there is enough matter around that anti-matter is destroyed pretty close to instantaneously. In other places, it may be the reverse.


Written by elan85

November 9, 2007 at 5:23 pm

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  1. Dude, your analogies are way off. Matter and anti-matter are not very different to liken one as an ice cream and the other one as heat.

    In fact, some particles (matter) are their own anti-particles (matter). Meaning it is a particle that can also be referred to as an anti-particle. A photon for example is both a particle and an anti-particle.


    November 26, 2011 at 1:25 pm

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