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Why do human need God?

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During the ancient times, lightning is the most fearsome entity in our human’s world. The terrifying flash accompanied by a deafening thunder scared the crap out of everyone. Nobody knew what the heck it was all about, the purpose of it, why and how it happened. However, human wanted an answer for it regardless. This is human – we want to know and we want answers. As an insecure creature, instinctively, human fear for things which are beyond our comprehension. Human inherently can’t live in uncertainty.

Hence, Gods and Deities associated with lightning were created all around the world – such as Zeus (Greek), Thor (Scandinavian), Tien-Mu (Chinese), Indra (Indian/Hinduism), Ptah (Egyptian), Yaluk (Mayan – South America), Sango (African), Perkusan (Baltic) and etc. People took these Gods/Deities as answers and people were comforted that it was divine power after all who summoned the lightning and thunder. Divine power is the only convincing answer they could get at the time.

Today, we know lightning is just a natural process and we no longer associate it with God/Deities anymore. There’s no purpose for lighting, it is just a natural phenomenon. Subsequently, human today are asking a higher level of question – Who created the universe and human being? How/where did we come from? As the answers provided by scientists are pretty vague at the moment, hence it is convienient for human to link it with … who else but God.

I’m always convinced that the truth lies with the way of how nature on earth and universe work. The underlying principle of the cosmo. It might take up to hundred or thousand of years to discover the answers (or perhaps never) and i may not have the life long enough to witness the truth – but I believe time will tell the answer …. for our next generations.

PS: This is a comment posted in Mr. EL’s blog. Edited.


Written by elan85

November 10, 2007 at 3:04 pm

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