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Motion @ space

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(This is a continuation from my previous post …)

Whenever we are driving a car, we place our foot on the accelerator paddle to keep the car moving. Otherwise, the car will slow down and eventually stop moving. Same thing goes when we take a walk, we need to keep moving our muscles to make forward steps. Stop moving our muscles, and our body will be completely stationary. Make sense, right?

However, this logic is only applicable within the earth boundary. Beyond earth, this logic is absolutely invalid. The truth is, according to Newton, once an entity is in initial motion, it will remain in motion. This condition is known as inertia. Instead, a force is required to slow down or stop the motion. On earth, we have a natural force – gravity, which acts as the force of friction to halt objects from moving non-stop.

In space, as we know, it is all vacuum. Therefore, there’s almost no force to counteract the orbit movement and momentum of the earth (except for gravitational friction emitted by nearby planets, sun and moon which are extremely insignificant to cause visible effect). Just like light, it will keep traveling on and one until something major interrupts with the traveling process. (For instance, if a huge asteroid coming from an opposite direction of earth and hit us, it will slow down the speed of earth’s orbit movement. But i guess all of us will be dead by then if something as big as that hit us.)

Next question. What kicked start the movements of planets to go around the sun? What caused the earth to rotate around the sun in the first place?

The momentum was actually initiated from the rotation of the protostar. Protostar is basically the second stage of a star’s life cycle (Nebula is first) and is formed through clumps of dense gas and dust which rotate and form a disk. Hence, protostar pulls the planets within its gravity around during the formation stage and these planets danced around the big-bright-eye ever since then. See the picture below to get a rough idea.



I hope i can write more about star’s life cycle in the near future … I have so many things that i wanna write, just need to find the time to articulate them out.


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November 18, 2007 at 7:29 pm

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