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Pessimism : Dark Side

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I do not know why, but i do enjoy reading writings which have strong pessimism views of humanity and the world… writings which have the ‘dark’ side perspective of the nature such as from Arthur Schopenhauer , Friedrich Nietzsche, Karl Marx (to some extent), Buddha (to some extent) and Adolf Hitler

Although not accurate all the time, i always bet heavily on my intuition. If pessimistic view of the nature is so appealing to myself, then i guess it must mean something. And so i ponder ….

  • It is easier to become an average person than to become a top student in school. (Easier to be ignorant than to be wise)
  • It takes only 1 minute to spill oil on the sea but it takes several weeks to clean it (Easier to damage than to repair/rejuvenate)
  • It takes only 1 second to kill a human but it takes many many years to grow up another human. Same goes for trees. (Easier to destroy than to create)
  • It is easier for politicians to tell lies and trick the citizens than to tell the truth.
  • It is easier psychologically, of having tendency to create stereotype and discriminate than to giving benefit of the doubt.
  • It is easier to play hard than to work hard


Why does the nature operate in a dog-eat-dog environment? Why isn’t human born wise by default? Why is it not within our own instinct to think about stuffs which are improbable such as flying at light speed or having super keen eyesight to see microscopic stuffs but we always have the instinctive intention of killing (animals, plants or maybe even human), deceiving, hurting, manipulating and being cruel? If so, does it mean that human being and nature are inherently on the ‘dark’ side? In other words, we and the nature by default are supposed to have zero morality?

And this made me think even further. Perhaps, the concept of morality is something created and defined by human being? That in reality, morality does not exist? Human define what is right and what is wrong and make it as law. Right or Wrong, Moral or Immoral my just be a representation of human being. In nature’s law, there is no such thing as right or wrong.

An example that morality is a human thing – if i kill someone, i will be given a death punishment. An eye for an eye. But during warring period, soldiers are permitted to kill. What’s the difference? Killing is still killing. War is just a circumstance. I do have my own circumstance when i kill someone. But what makes me more immoral than the soldiers? Just because soldiers are allowed to kill, does that justified the intention of killing?

Adolf Hitler mentioned something which up to this day, is immensely intriguing to myself – Siegerjustiz – Victor’s Justice. In this context of morality, i will redefine it.. i will call it Human’s Justice… a system where human are allowed to redefine morality based on our own interest. 

At the end of the day, law is just a system which work to reduce down the raging dark side of humanity. But the underlying nature of the world, as how Schopenhauer put it –

The natural world is a cruel and savage place – A world of violence and injustice, ending in death.


Written by elan85

December 14, 2007 at 7:23 pm

Posted in Philosophy

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  1. humans have both the dark as well as the light side of his nature. we see what we want to see. if you desire to see the good, you can see it. if you want to focus on the dark side, well, you have plenty to see. focussing on the darker side of human nature creates agitation in mind. that robs you of peace. accept the darker side, but look for the brighter side. more you focus on the brighter side, more faith is instilled in human potential to create. creativity expands your horizon and you will be able to include everybody in it. this inclusiveness brings peace and love. you will be able to spraed it all over!

    latha vidyaranya

    December 16, 2007 at 4:27 am

  2. […] I’ve written something similar about the paradox of morality here more than a year ago – Pessimism : Dark Side (I reread the post and realized the English is kinda bad, […]

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