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Nature’s Way of Balancing

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Have you ever got struck by the fact that there are almost an equal amount of men and women in the world population? Well, it seems nothing at first. But when you take account of the infinite number of wars we had, no matter big or small, it make sense to say that by today the number of females should be way higher than the males.

For example – The casualties in World War 1 reached 40 million people,  while in the World War 2, 50 to 70 million people perished (including civilians). Since the entire military were made up by mostly men, safe to assume, men were always the highest casualties in wars. And these are just 2 of the many many major wars we had in history. So, what is nature’s trick to harmonise the sex ratio?

First of all, statistically, there’s a 5% higher chances of mothers giving birth to a boy than to a girl. And how does the nature balance things up for the female? By allowing female to live longer than male and gave more protection to female from premature death.

This is only part one. Part two – according to a research, the more stressed a mother is, the higher the likelihood of her giving birth to a daughter. Why so?

First, let’s imagine a scenario where there are only 10 people in this world – 1 man and 9 women. The law of nature allow this one man alone to ‘fertilise’ all 9 women. That means, there will be nine new lives coming through in the next 10 months time. Now reverse the condition to 9 men and 1 woman. As you could imagine in this scenario, there will only be a maximum of one life coming through in the next 10 months time regardless of any circumstances. Therefore, going by this logic, it makes sense that the nature will want to quickly replenish the population by having more girls during the post-war period. More women equals to higher birthrate. But here is one big question – how does our body know when and when not to activate the boy/girl switch? How does our body sync with our environment?

Here is something which i believe but can’t prove. It seems to me Evolution is tied directly with our subconscious mind. To humanity, war is a depressing and stressful event because lives are at stake. Civilians were living in worries as they do not know when a stray bullet will catch their head or when a missile will hit their shelter. There are so much uncertainties and perils – and this is one trait of human being – human always have hard time coping with uncertainties. Uncertainty = Stressful. Hence, when we are stressed and perceived humanity is in turmoil, our brain subconsciously send signals to our entire body saying “we need more babies!”

(Is this the same reason why men have natural tendency of being polygamous? Or maybe i should rephrase it – Is this the reason why men SHOULD BE polygamous? Haha, i’m just kidding)

As mentioned, today, there’s a 5% higher chances of mothers giving birth to a boy. Why? Simply because we are living in peaceful times. I will quote it from the magazine –

“That, in turn, would explain why women in rich countries, who are less likely to suffer from hunger and disease, are more likely to give birth to sons.”

PS: This post is inspired by an article in the Economist magazine (November 2007) titled – ‘Stress City’


Written by elan85

December 18, 2007 at 7:37 pm

Posted in Evolution

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  1. hahahaha well done Ron. Applaud. Well written


    December 23, 2007 at 1:57 am

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