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My Theory of Free Will

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I love creating hypothesis on almost every interesting stuffs i’d came across. However, there were 2 subjects which i have hard time coming out with my own conclusions all this while due to contradicting logics. Number 1. ghosts and spirits and 2. human’s free will. I’m still pretty undecided on the former, but for the latter i think i already have the answer for it. My theory is pretty complex, so, hopefully i’m able to convey it well.

First of all let’s define what is free will. Free will is basically the ability of a person to freely exercise control over his/her thoughts, actions, and decisions. Sounds simple, isn’t it? Most people will not think twice to declare that we have free will. There is a cake on the table. We can choose either to leave it, eat it, throw it on a cat or smash it with a hammer. Nothing so difficult about it, right?

However, by principle, we have absolutely no free will. Why?

  • We can’t choose our parents. (everyone can only have 1 mother and 1 father)
  • We can’t choose our looks. (if you are born ugly, tough luck to you :P)
  • We can’t choose our motherland.
  • We can’t control our genetics. (You can’t say no if your genes say that your head is going to be bald by 50 years old)
  • We can’t control our instincts. (You can’t make a goat to eat meat)


The mentioned items on the list are absolutely the most fundamental things in our life. But we can’t control it. And so, i dare to make a very bold assumption that – everyone in this world is not born equal. You see, you can’t argue how a starving kid in Africa and a rich European kid living in a multi-billion family are born equal. (Yes, that means the world is unfair to begin with). I have always been asking myself, do these poverty-stricken Africans have free will? Wait a second, do they even have any choices?? It looks more to me it is probability and chances of where and how they were born. And so happened, they were born on the unfortunate side.

Therefore based on the arguments above, in order to create a logical aargument, i will make another bold statement – both FREE WILL & NON-FREE WILL BOTH DO NOT EXIST! My idea is if probability governs the fundamental stuffs (the listed items above) in our life then our ongoing life should also work around the world of probability – i believe the law of probability rules human just like how it rules over atoms (quantum mechanics) but in a more structured manner.

My Theory

Think of the paths of our lives is as complex as like the highway below.












If i want to get from point A to point B, i can choose from many different routes to get myself there. But each route will give me different experiences while i’m traveling on them. Let’s say there are 5 different routes and i can expect the consequences on each of the route:

Route 1: Takes me 45 minutes to reach point B but the road condition is very poor.

Route 2: Takes me 1 hour to reach point B.

Route 3: Takes me 2 hours to reach point B but has beautiful scenery

Route 4: Takes me 3 hours to reach point B due to bad thunderstorm.

Route 5:  Takes me 4 hours to reach point B due to extremely heavy traffic jam.

By default, the chances of me choosing a particular path are:

Route 1 : 20%

Route 2 : 20%

Route 3 – 20%

Route 4 – 20%

Route 5 – 20%

However, there are conditions which will alter the probability of which route i will be taking. And these conditions are based on the circumstances in our mind and environment around us.

If i’m in hurry, the probability of me choosing Route 1 or Route 2 will be higher. Hence, the probability of me taking each route will be:

Route 1 : 45% ;

Route 2 : 50% ;

Route 3 – 3% ;

Route 4 – 1% ;

Route 5 – 1%

If i’m in the mood for some sightseeing, the probability of me taking Route 3 will be higher than other options.

If i try to be an idiot, then the probability of me taking Route 4 or 5 will be extremely high compared to other options.

Conclusion: Regardless of which route i take, i will reach point B for sure. The routes are fixed and i can’t change it. However, i get different experience from the different routes i take, hence this gave me the illusion that i can make choices, thus having free will. The reality is i’m not consciously choosing, rather i’m merely trapped in the game of probability based on circumstance on my mind and the environment around me.

For the sake of simplicity, i’m only using 5 routes as examples above but the truth is we have much much more options than we can ever imagine. Each tiny variation is a different possibility. So, there can be million, billions or trillions of options in each event.

Now, let’s apply this back to our everyday life. Let’s use back the cake example we had earlier. I see a cake on the table, what will i do next? I may just leave it on the table, i may throw it to a cat, i may smash it with a hammer, i may smash it with my fist, i may eat it 1 minute later, i may eat it 1.5 minutes later, i may eat i 10 minutes later and billions and billion of other options.

Let’s just keep things simple, i will only use 4 options instead of billions. The default probability of each next action is :

1. I leave it on the table – 25%

2. I eat it – 25%

3. I throw it to a cat – 25%

4. I smash it – 25%

As i have said, the state of my mind and the environment will influence heavily the probability of my next actions and decisions. If i feel hungry, i will most probably choose option 2 more than the others. Otherwise, if i’m not hungry, i would most probably chosen option 1 instead.

If i see a cockroach on the cake, i will most probably choose option 1 or 4. However, there’s a chance i may choose option 2 and eat it. The probability is extremely low but there’s still a chance of myself doing it. From our human mind’s perspective, this action is what we labeled as ‘Insanity’ as it is the most improbable thing we will want to do. But … it is possible that it would happen.

In my next post, i will talk more about how our lives revolve around Chaos Theory.

To be continued …..


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December 25, 2007 at 1:31 pm

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