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World of Probability

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I already had this idea for several years.

I was thinking – My father produced billions of sperms in his life time while my mum produced hundreds of ovum in her lifetime. But the fact is, it was this particular one sperm out of billions, and another particular one ovum out of hundreds which created me. Therefore, everything about myself at this moment, my looks, voice, height, gender, talent, etc. – is a result of probability. (One out of trillions?)

If i’m a product of probability, that means, this applies for my parents, grandparents and my ancestors too. Hence, the entire family tree of mine is governed by the World of Probability from the start.

However, in macro level, this randomness worked under a strict restriction of human genetics in order to keep probability under control and also for evolution purposes.

Genetics worked just like a six-faced dice. Despite getting random results by rolling the dice over and over again, i could predict the result would be somewhere from the number 1 to 6. However, without the dice, the probability would have been between 1 to infinite. Hence, our genetics is important to keep probability under focus. Because of this, every human born have a perfect pair of hands and a pair legs, mouth is located on the face instead on the buttocks, and we have 2 eyes instead of 5, etc.

Our genetics also serve to ‘amplify’ and to ‘decrease’ the probability on certain elements in our life such as our chances to get chronic diseases, the level of intelligence and our physique features. I had an interesting discussion with my friends and i got to learn that chronic diseases are 80% inherited and 20% factored from our own habits. For instance, even if Mr. A consume optimum amount of bad cholesterol everyday, but if Mr. A’s family have high cholesterol history, he would have an extremely high chance of getting the disease.

PS: I’m still working on my Chaos Theory post. Patience my friends 😉


Written by elan85

December 30, 2007 at 7:22 pm

Posted in Evolution, Philosophy

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