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Dreaming About Evolution

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You know the moment when you are dozing but not completely fell asleep yet? That sleeping stage is so called the ‘creative stage’ where we are able tap into our inner mind and conceive crazy ideas. There were already several occasions where i got ideas from there, and just 2 days ago, i got another one. This time, i dreamt about Evolution. (Not really earth-shattering stuffs, just some basic logic about it which i have not thought off before)

Evolution is a natural process which works within scientific law.

When you pour ice to a hot cup of water, the cold will nullify the heat, thus reducing the water’s temperature. That is chemistry. You can’t walk upside down on the ceiling because the gravity will pull you down. That is physics. Life constantly evolve to adapt to its environment. The bigger the resources capacity for survival of the place it is residing, the more complex life will evolve. That is biology. Evolution is Biology. Therefore, my point is – Evolution, just like other scientific theories, are obeying certain scientific laws that show us how the nature works. It is science.

Then, why is Evolution a controversial subject? Why does it receive so much opposition from people? It is due to the ‘Human Factor’. We separate ourselves from the nature because we perceive ourselves as a ‘Conscious’ entity. Trees are not conscious, gravity are not conscious, computers are not conscious, and the moon is not conscious but human are conscious. We perceive ourselves as the sole conscious and intelligent being on earth and more superior to other entities. Hence, some people refused to put ourselves as a subject which is governed by scientific law. It makes more sense that we are ‘created’ by some divine being rather than evolved from this chaotic world.

I believe whatever that can happen in this world is Natural. We evolved according to what scientific law permit us to. Things which are unnatural and not within scientific boundary will not happen. The universe has exist for billion of years, and given such a long period of time, anything Natural which has possibility to happen, may happen.

My idea, which i’d conceived several seconds before i fell asleep, is just a simple logic and pretty self-evident. What puzzled me is, why can’t people accept Evolution? Is Faith stronger than Logic?


Written by elan85

February 21, 2008 at 7:35 pm

Posted in Evolution, Philosophy

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