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1. My blog’s PageRank jumped from 0 to 5 overnight! I’m pretty sure it is some funny Google bugs. I mean, a blog with only averagely 70 clicks a day got a PR of 5? NooOo waay….

Anyway,  i’m just using this blog as a personal journal to share some interesting thoughts with myself and my friends, and i surely do not intend to ‘market’ this blog to the public. Well, i’m glad some random people bumped into this blog (via search engine) and were pretty tolerant towards my average English. LoL.

2. I joined the first ever DotA tournament on last weekend and my team was pretty unfortunate to lose in the first round! Wrong strategy. Sucks.

I have never achieved anything big in gaming after ending up as a runner-up in a small Counter-Strike competition 7 years ago. Oh, time flies. I guess i’m a rusty gamer right now who just spend my time with my PlayStation Portable playing stupid games. Haha. Should i get myself a Wii? Fun!

3. My internship with MindValley was over last week. Not only it is the coolest place to work in Malaysia, also I’m really glad to have such opportunity to work for them.

February was certainly the most productive month for myself in the office in terms of learning as they have now the weekly Tuesday + Thursday meetings. Let’s see what i can do with the stuffs i have learned and came across. I wish them all the best.

4. Bought 3 new books – Insights of Genius (Art & Science), Stumbling on Happiness and 4 Hour Workweek. All of these books are genuinely good stuffs. Currently also reading books on Adolf Hitler. Another great stuff. He is more than just a tyrant, he is a brilliant dark-thinker.

And btw, Michio Kaku is gonna release his new book – Physics of the Impossible next week! Oh, i can’t wait. I can’t waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait~~~

5. Thinking of attending Psychology classes in the future… just for fun…. if i could make enough money to provide myself such extend to do it.. haha.


Written by elan85

March 4, 2008 at 3:38 pm

Posted in Personal

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