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The Perceived Value

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Disclaimer: I use very strong generalization in this post. Please read with an open mind.

James Watson, a Nobel laureate and the co-discoverer of DNA, created a huge controversy several months ago when he said that Africans intelligence is averagely lower than normal people. Predictably, he was flak especially by the Black people community accusing him of making racist allegations.

So, we have people denying statement from a Nobel laureate scientist and called his statement crap. Now, i do not know how good James Watson is or how strong his tests were to make such statement but i would like to give the benefit of doubt to someone who found DNA and have more knowledge about genetics and science than a typical average person do.

Unless you can logically refute the subject with convincing argument, being skeptical do not automatically make you right. It’s clearly an emotional defensive-stance from these people. We, human always have the impulse to repel any negativity that we dislike which go against our ideology. Don’t believe? Walk to an atheist and yell to him that Almighty God created human being and you will see a very impulsive defensive-reply. I know i will.

I have read several articles about racial intelligence and the verdict is pretty mixed. Some scientists said there are no differences in intelligence between races, while other scientists claimed there are gaps between races. Therefore, we still do not conclusively know the answer yet.

Don’t get me wrong, the purpose of this post is not to point out that Black people are less intelligent than White people or implying that black people are inferior. I think it is ridiculous to say that any race is inferior. What i’m interested at is – why people take offense when there are negative allegations concerning their intelligence? Is being less intelligent such a severe issue?

This is my argument, but first, i will draw up 2 generalization statements.

1.White people generally are smarter than Black people. (most of the great scientists, thinkers, and inventors in history were White people)

2.Black people are generally stronger and fitter than the Whites physically. (most of the great and legendary athletes and sportsman today are Black people)

Now, this is a very interesting point i noticed – I think both statements amount to the same degree of biasness. But most people will take more offense with the former statement compared to the latter one. Why so?

The answer is very simple. It’s due to the ‘Perceived Value’ of intelligence over strength in this contemporary era. We are living in a capitalism and knowledge economy where the ability to think signify our status in the society. The more intelligent you are, the more fame you will get, the more money you will earn, and the more respect you will garner. While for physical strength, we have practically substitute them with machineries. You can have zero brawn but as long as you have the brain, fortune will come to you.

That’s the reason why Intelligence is an extremely precious commodity today. While for strength, it has became a thing of the past and easily replaceable. 

But wait a minute. What if we could reverse the time and go back to thousand years ago? What if we are at Sparta now? As we know, the Spartans practice eugenics, which they will throw away weak babies. Men and women who are physically frail will become an outcast. Only warriors with brute strength and courage will be praised and qualified enough to be the citizen of the nation and fit in to the army. Guess what will happen if you say now that White people are generally physically weaker than Black people? I’m sure the Spartans will not hesitate to smash your head into pieces to prove their strength.

More comparisons

I always believe men, generally, are more intelligent than women in conceiving big-world-changing-complex-ideas. Just refer to the history and notice that 99% of the great scientists, inventors, and philosophers are male. But does that means the ladies are inferior to men? Absolutely not. Empathy is one of the many traits which men generally severely lack off while it is innate to most female.

Again, it is all down to the ‘Perceived Value’. Empathy is perceived more as a manners or morality while conceiving big ideas is an ability. The society rate Intelligence as more valuable, hence creating an impression that the male species are superior.

I believe men and women are equal. But I don’t believe men and women are equal in the sense of “corresponding-equality”. It is more of ‘total-equality’. Clueless? I invented these crappy terms, so i will explain the meanings,.

1. Corresponding-equality : What men can do, women can too. There’s no gap between men and women and we are 100% precisely equal in every sense.

2. Total-equality : Men & Women have different sets of strengths & weaknesses. But when you sum up these plus and minus together, men and women are actually equal.

Most feminist movements are championing the corresponding-equality ideology. I do not agree with their philosophy because i think it will take away the uniqueness of difference between men and women. Relationships are interesting because there are different ‘roles’ involved from both sides.


Same goes for races, it is hard for me to imagine that we are corresponding-equal. I think each races has a different unique trait within us.

I would say Latin girls’ body are much busty and curvy compared to a typical Chinese girl. That explains why many supermodels we have today are mostly Latin related. So, does it mean it is a disaster to be born as a Chinese girl? No, i’m sure there are areas where Chinese girls are better than Latin girls, but perhaps that ability is overlook by the society.

The nature do not discriminate people from the start. Everyone’s talents and potentials are varied and like it or not, some of these potentials were already imprinted even before birth in our genetics.

‘Perceived Value’ is something dictate by the society. The mass society will decide whether this or that are important or not. When this happens, people who possess such ability or talent which fall under the high ‘Perceived Value’ category will get benefited the most.


Written by elan85

March 7, 2008 at 2:29 am

Posted in Philosophy, Psychology

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