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Meaningless Nothingness

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I thought i have been writing meaningless stuffs all this while … until i came across Plato’s classical question ‘Why Is There Something Rather than Nothing?’. That’s the real deal of meaninglessness i can tell you.

To answer these sort of questions, you will have to stretch meaninglessness to the limit because it is actually pretty impossible to answer such question with brute facts due to the limitation of human mind and technology we have at the moment. But since this blog is about meaninglessness, i guess i will tag along and join the meaningless bandwagon.

The universe exists and we are not surprised.
The universe exists and we are surprised.
The universe does not exist and we are surprised.
The universe does not exist and we are not surprised.

(by Zen Koan)

Look at the flower outside your house. Why does the flower on the garden exist rather than do not exist? Now, shift your perspective and look inside your house. Why does flower do not grow on the floor inside your house?

To bring fourth the existence of flower, you need the seed, earth, water, sunlight, cloud, the right weather conditions, etc. If all the right elements and factors are there, the flower will exist. If even one of the elements is missing, the flower will not exist.

This brings to the realization that there is absolutely nothing in this world which is unique and independent on its own. Every single entity are dependent on other elements in order to exist. As i see it, the grand nature works in an inconceivable-enormous-cycle. Different elements spark various reactions to bring fourth something from scratch permitted by nature’s law (or science).

Example: The cloud do not exist. But when the sun absorb water from the earth, the liquid turns into vapor and form a cloud. Now, the cloud exist.

Therefore, my point here is :

‘something’ exist.

‘something’ do not exist.

‘nothing’ exist.

‘nothing’ do not exist.

I did not exist 100 years ago. I will not exist 100 years later. I exist now. Why do i exist? It is because there are factors and elements which brought me to existence. My life is not given but its just a temporal state of being. Other factors and elements will dictate when my life will end. When i die, my existence will cease and i go back to where i came from which is – nothingness. My life does not start from nothing and cease to nothing, rather my life is a cycle. I can also apply this philosophical implication to the Universe, which is the ultimate source of all existence.


Going back to the question, Plato has separated ‘something’ with ‘nothing.’ Why do we always want to separate ‘something’ and ‘nothing’? We always perceive ‘something’ is more valuable than ‘nothing’ and we always seek to choose ‘something’ to overcome ‘nothing’. It is always in human’s psyche. I wonder, is this an inherent sense within us or a psychological bias/defect?

Just like a coin where head and tail co-exist and complement each other, i believe something and nothing exist together to harmonize the nature.


Written by elan85

March 30, 2008 at 6:04 pm

Posted in Philosophy

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  1. you aren’t certainly wasting my time 🙂
    i just found your blog by accident, because i was searching for some place with a quote of mayuri’s speech from bleach, about perfection, to show a friend. i found that article in your blog and decided to check the rest of the blog.
    really, great blog, very original and interesting. i just think it could have better navigation.
    keep it up


    April 2, 2008 at 9:12 am

  2. Thanks darknives~

    To be honest, i have been running dry on ideas what to write lately. Hopefully there will be inspirations to keep me going.

    Oh yeah, Bleach is great. But i think Naruto is better! I’m reading the manga of both right now. Great stuffs.


    April 5, 2008 at 10:36 pm

  3. meaning is an effort to stave off the forces of meaninglessness. nothing is the womb in which all things take birth. nothing lasts forever since it is the most destructive force in the universe. everything goes to the dogs but in the end there is a silence and nothingness that means that all has been wiped clear off the face of the universe (and that may include the universe itself depending on the level of contextual analysis we are talking about)

    Kashif Ansari

    October 16, 2016 at 4:05 am

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