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I’m a big fan of Electronic and House music ever since the day i chanced upon these two albums – Royksopp – Melody AM and Hed Kandi : Beach House 04.03. So, yes, i have stopped listening to mainstream music and dedicated my life in searching for the best Electronic and House music since 5 years ago.

Forget about American’s Electronic and House music. Their style is kinda boring and monotonous all this while.

Also forget about the new European’s Electronic and House music. They have been following the American style of Club music lately which is very disappointing. Just look at Hed Kandi and Bargrooves. I used to worship these two record labels when i first started with House music. But now, i can just throw their new albums into drain. They no longer have the melodic and creative elements in their music anymore. It’s all just big and rough bass and catchy tunes which is utterly boring and disgusting.

My Recommendations:

Listen to Japanese and Korean Electronic and House music. As you would expect from the Japanese and Korean’s music, they are creative, melodic, and you can feel the sincerity of theirs in producing these music. Borrowing Jeremy Clarkson’s magic word – They got ‘Soul’ in their music.

Japanese: Fantastic Plastic Machine (House, Electronic-Pop), I-Dep (Electronic Pop), Makai (House), Jazzida Grande (House), DJ Kawasaki (House), Chieko Kinbara (Soul House), Kentaro Takizawa (House), Nujabes (Electronic + Hiphop), Pizzicato Five (Electronic), Mondo Grosso (Electronic, Soul House), M-Swift (Soul House), Studio Apartment (House), Naoki Kenji (Electronic Lo-Fi), Jazztronik (Electronic Jazz), Kyoto Jazz Massive (Electronic Jazz), Daishi Dance (House), FreeTEMPO (House), M-Flo (Mainstream Electronic-Pop)

Korean: ClaZziQuai (Electronic Pop), Humming Urban Stereo (Electronic Pop), Casker (Deep House), House Rulez (Disco House), Peppertones (Electronic Pop, Indie-Pop), Melting Holiday (Electronic Tweepop), Towa Tei (Electronic)

It’s kinda suck WordPress doesn’t allow users to embed Imeem, my favourite online application to conveniently share my music over here. I guess i would resort to use YouTube instead. Click on the link below (Continue reading….) to view some of my favourite songs.

Humming Urban Stereo (Korean) – Banana Shake (Korean)

I-Dep (Japanese)- Rainbow (English)

Makai (Japanese) – Garden of Love feat Thelma Aoyama(English + Japanese)

Towa Tei (Korean) – Let Me Know feat. Chara (English+Japanese)

Fantastic Plastic Machine (Japanese)- Beautiful Day(English)

House Rulez (Korean) – Do It! (feat. Lee Yoon Jeong)


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April 8, 2008 at 3:26 am

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