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Ronn: I believe we will have a teleportation technology in the future.

Friend: I don’t think that’s possible.

Ronn: Why not?

Friend: Don’t waste your time reading about those stuffs. How is it possible that we could instantaneously transport our body from one point to another without traveling physically? I can’t imagine that.

Ronn: How about this. Imagine yourself living in the year of 4000 B.C. Now, would you have imagined that 6000 thousand years later, we could communicate with people on the other side of the earth wirelessly using a tiny box called as mobile phone? Maybe a few people would envisioned that, but i’m convinced the majority are extremely skeptical and would not have thought about this. So, you see, what deemed impossible 6000 years ago is already a reality today.

Friend: But isn’t it self-evident that we have radio wave frequency technology to allow existence of mobile phones?

Ronn: It is self-evident because it has already happened. What makes you so sure that we will never master the art of physics to bring teleportation into reality? Perhaps one day it will be self-evident that teleportation becomes a common phenomenon.

Friend: You seemed certain about it, don’t you?

Ronn: No, i’m only just positive of the possibility … you know … possibility.


One of the most amazing thing i’d came across few months ago was a quote from my favourite philosopher, Schopenhauer. He said this …

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is strongly opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. – Arthur Schopenhauer

Precisely reminds me of Evolution…

You see, human being are skeptical by nature. Psychologically, our mind do not like to grasp or explore concept or idea which are beyond our apprehension. We only feel comfortable in accepting common ideas when it has become self-evident and accepted by the majority of people.

Every time i observe someone (myself included) dismissing an idea in a very biased manner, that’s because we are either …..

1. Bias and take sides, hence rejecting every idea coming from the opposite side. (eg; ID vs Evolution)

2. The idea is too outrageous to be true. (eg: Scott Adam’s hologram theory)

3. We do not fully comprehend the idea, hence dismissing it as ‘not possible’. (Teleportation)

And may i suggest that there’s a very thin line separating point 2 and 3.

Healthy skepticism is very good and …well yeah, healthy. But hardcore skepticism on any topic is bad. We should not practice irrational rejection of idea for the sake of rejecting. Here is my argument on why we should not close our mind and becoming a hardcore skeptic.

Firstly, we are observing the world through our limited five sense, which means there are many things around us that we can’t discover, observe or apprehend without instruments or tools to aid us. For example, we needed the Hubble telescope to peer the sky and discover that the universe is expanding. But we didn’t know about it before that. Now, does that means the sky wasn’t expanding before the Hubble was invented? No, the universe was expanding since the start of the age and is still expanding today. We simply didn’t know about it until the day we used the Hubble Telescope to glimpse the heavens. There are many more things which are still yet to be explored and discovered out there, and that’s exactly the function of science – discovering the answers to the world mysteries.

Hence, secondly, there are many things which we are not aware or do not know, yet. But it does not mean it will remain the same in the future. If there’s one thing history had taught us, it will be the consistent progress we have experienced throughout humanity’s lifetime. Stagnancy, therefore, is an illusion. Nothing in this world is permanent and we are living in a world where we strive on progression. If progression is the answer, shouldn’t we be a little open-minded in accepting possibilities on things that we might have uncovered as time progresses?

Thirdly, there’s a difference between KNOWING and BELIEVING and many people are confused between these two. There are more things in life where we BELIEVE than we KNOW. When you KNOW something, that will be a universal truth – nobody can debate with you about it. For instance, you KNOW that 1+1 = 2. You KNOW that an apple is either red or green colour. You KNOW that you will die if you jump down from a 20th floor building and hit the ground.

However, you cannot say that you KNOW of the topic when a topic is subject to debate and discussion. Rather, it’s a BELIEF. For example, i BELIEVE Naruto is the best anime ever produced in history. You may not share the same opinion as mine. . I BELIEVE Einstein is the greatest individual ever graced the earth in our mankind history. You may not share the same opinion as mine. I BELIEVE teleportation is possible. Again, you may not share the same opinion as mine.

Beliefs are beliefs. Many people take their beliefs as KNOWING, treating it as universal truth and tried to impose it on other people. When you BELIEVE in something that means there is a chance your belief will be wrong because what you BELIEVE is not a truth you are 101% certain. If there’s a chance that our belief is wrong, shouldn’t we be a little tolerant to other people’s beliefs, have an open mind and accepting other alternatives of possibilities?

Who is to say what’s possible and what’s not possible? I think it is a rather bad habit for a person to dwell on his/her belief system without questioning it and treating his/her beliefs as the truths.


Written by elan85

April 19, 2008 at 11:40 pm

Posted in Philosophy

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  1. Well, I’m afraid, I KNOW teleportation is a reality. 😉 And I’m sure you do to, by the looks of it.

    Inny Binny

    April 21, 2008 at 4:20 pm

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