Struggling with Meaninglessness

searching meaning in meaninglessness


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I attended Kenny G’s concert at Genting Highlands last night and i can tell you, it was really a marvelous performance. All of my friends really loved his performance and nobody wanted it to end. But a small girl, i guess around 6-7 years old, sitting behind me asked his father – ‘Daddy, why is the show not ending yet?’ Ok, i guess this girl was bored. LoL.

When i reached home, right before i went to bed, I stumbled upon 2 videos of BBC Hard Talk over YouTube – Two separate interviews with Malaysia’s ex-Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed and renowned biologists Richard Dawkins. I was really impressed with the host, Stephen Sackur as he really, i mean really, knows how to ask proper tough questions.

After watching the two videos, i spent some time digesting the conversations in both of the videos. I asked myself – Both gentlemen were very firm with their respective ideas. But what allowed Stephen to unleashed such stinging questions on them? There must be a gap or hole in their ideology which Stephen could exploit and attack.

This is what i realized – both of them have bias elements in their ideology – a biased ideology which built up their belief system. When someone is biased with an ideology, you could easily kicked up a contradicting idea to attack his/her belief system, putting a big question mark to their arguments.

For example, Dawkins believes that religion bring violence to the world. So, Stephen asked – “There were also atheists dictator who committed violence such as Stalin and Mao, so how could you just singled out religion?” There you go, a counter-argument which uses contradicting ideology to attack the idea, something similar to Socratic method. (However, Dawkins did gave an excellent answer to counter the counter-argument. Historically, many people used the name of God to justify war and violence but nobody uses the name of atheism to commit the same degree of violence. Stalin and Mao were just so happened to be an Atheist, just like Hitler was happened to be a Roman Catholic.)

My point here is – if you have a biased ideology, you will surely have gaps or holes which allow people to attack. But let me tell you what – you can’t avoid being biased. Let me tell you why.

In my previous post, i highlighted the fact that there are very little things in this world where we ‘KNOW’ but rather, there are more things in this world where we ‘BELIEVE’. Why so? The reason is simple – because there are very little facts that we know … only interpretations that we believe on.

For instance, when we see a small boy snatched away toys from a small girl, what do we see? Do we see this as merely a pure naive child’s play or do we see this as a rude behaviour? Now, different people view this situation differently and this is what it is all about – Interpretations. The fact is people do see things differently. There was an experiment where there were 10 witnesses to an accident, and strangely all 10 of them gave a different descriptions of the accident. Interpretation and subjectivity do come together hand in hand.

Therefore, unless you have totally no opinion on any subject or else, you will bound to make a biased statement or two. Even when asked a simple-basic question such as – which is better, apple or orange, you can’t escape of being biased in your opinion because there are surely elements which will make you choose/prefer one over the other.

Hence, i conclude that to develop the ability to think, to a certain extent, you can’t avoid of being biased. However, i supposed it is wise to maintain an open mind to other possibilities while accepting the fact that you may be wrong with your thoughts.

And i mentioned the word wise. Yes, i supposed the wise are always aware that they are bias with their ideology while the ignorant take their ideology as the truths.


Written by elan85

April 27, 2008 at 11:22 pm

Posted in Philosophy

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