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On The Concept OF Infinity and irrationality

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I always call myself as an amateur philosopher. As an amateur philosopher, there will come a point when i have to start writing my own piece of philosophy – the art of playing with words. So, behold! An original philosophy ~ My best written article to date.

(i do not know whether there are any similar philosophy out there, but until someone points it out for me, i will treat this idea of mine as original. =P)

On The Concept of Infinity and Irrationality by Yeo Zhiyuan.

Supposedly God exist, according to the holy books of Abrahamic religions, it is known that God is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, omnibenevolence, and perfect. Hence:

An omnipotent God has infinite power.

A God who has infinite power can do anything He wants to his creations – the universe, earth, or human being and animals, based on His own judgement. A God has the power to intervene natural forces (science) to create various circumstances as a way to dictate the world. For instance, a God has the power to take Mr. A’s life by altering his biology and give him a heart attack. Or perhaps, God can save the Earth by changing the course of a meteor which is heading towards Earth by intervening physics law of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. Hence,

An omnipotent God has the infinite power to intervene any part of the scientific nature and could even make 1 + 1 = 5 if He wanted to.

The premises above is just the first part. Let’s look at the second part of the premises below. (I have justifications why i used 1+1=5 in the latter section)

Every time a person makes an argument, statement or justification by using God as the cause, consciously or unconsciously, he/she will involve the concept of infinity inside the argument. For instance, it is ‘rational’ for many people to believe that God must have created the universe, because it is unthinkable that such vast, massive and complicated entity exist naturally and independently on its own. Only an infinite power could create the universe out of nothing.

Consider the dialogue below:

Ronn 1: Only God has the power to create Big Bang, universe and human being. You couldn’t explain this by science alone. He has the power to create all these and decide our fate.

Ronn 2: Wow cool, you are playing with infinity. How about this – God created atheists as a way to tell people in this world that God does not exist.

Ronn 1: Your statement is illogical and irrational. You contradicted yourself. How could God created atheists if God do not exist?

Ronn 2: Ohh … so you actually know about logic and reasoning? I thought you are ignorant.

Let’s compare the two premises above and tell which one is more logical.

    • God created Big Bang, universe and human being.
    • God created atheists as a way to tell people in this world that God does not exist.

Using a subjective reasoning, we could easily judge that the first statement will always be more logical due to the contradicting logic in the second one. However, the fact is these both statements are either equally wrong or equally right – They can’t be mutually exclusive… and i will tell you why.

Let’s refer back to the earlier premise. Thinking in earthly logic, we know 1+1=5 is never logical to human reasoning. But if God has the power to intervene the forces of nature and make 1+1=5, what makes people think that God is powerless to contradict Himself by creating atheists to disprove His own existence? After all, 1+1=5 is already a contradiction. He surely has the power and freedom to make more contradictions if He wants to.

This is basically a paradox – an infinity paradox. There’s a classical example of infinity paradox out there – Can an omnipotent God create a rock so heavy that He couldn’t carry it Himself?

That’s exactly the whole point of the argument – the irrationality of believing in infinity. Looking from a neutral point of view, if it makes sense to people that by using His infinite power, God created Big Bang, universe and human being, then the statement God created atheists as a way to tell people in this world that God does not exist should also make sense because both statements are equally dealing with the concept of infinity. Basically, when you are allowed to use the concept of infinity to make an argument, anything you say WILL MAKE SENSE.

Therefore, if you believe in the existence of a divine being with infinite power, you cannot be subjective in your logical reasoning and declare what is logical and what is not. Every possibility in the realm of infinite power IS POSSIBLE including 1+1=5. You can’t cherry-pick and say God created universe is logical while claiming God making 1+1=5 is illogical. If you do, that means you are rejecting the idea that God is omnipotent and rejecting his infinite power.

Ergo, It Is Either:

  • Irrational To Believe In God
  • God Is Irrational
  • God Is Not Omnipotent And Has Limited Power.

The argument above does not directly approve or disprove God’s existence. I do not know which answer is the right one. But one thing certain from my argument above is the concept of infinity cannot be taken seriously as a form of valid argument. But let’s assume that God exist, then the most politically correct answer would be the third one. Therefore, i will continue writing and explain about this on my next article. It is titled : The Limited Power of God.

Extra Justification

My key argument above is the infinite power of God intervening nature and could make 1+1=5. Now, some of you may argue that my premise of 1+1=5 is illogical because reality and fact says that 1+1=2 no matter what you do. If i have one apple and you give me another one apple, how can that be less or more than two?

Let me tell you what, the reason why i use the premise 1+1=5 because it is basic, simple and understandable. I could also use other complex examples to prove my point of the absurdity of infinity. Let’s take a real example – The Miracle Of The Sun.

In the year 1917, 100,000 people claimed to have witnessed the sun ‘dancing’ and went zig-zag. They thought it was a God’s message. The best part is – only people in Portugal, specifically Fatima, saw it while the rest of the world didn’t caught any sights of it. We do not know what the truth was but common sense says we can assume two possibilities – either it happened or it didn’t. Now, if this incident did happened, that means God indeed could defy the nature’s law and defy Einstein and Newton’s astronomical theories by moving the sun around. Remember, only people in Fatima saw it, no where else. That means the sun is sitting still in other places. If He could manipulate the reality so easily, this is an equivalent effort of manipulating 1+1=5 (twisting reality).

If that incident didn’t happened, that means it served at little evidence of how religious people are so easily duped and tricked themselves of witnessing God (psychologically). They literally went through hallucination on a broad daylight. If these 100,000 were tricked to believe in God’s magic, how many million people more in this world are also being tricked everyday?

In another instance, if the God decides to screw up your little genetic factories which deals with your DNA and RNA in your body, that means he is intervening the natural reality with his power. Basically, he is defying the reality and give you cancer in your cells on an otherwise healthy body with His little magic. Defying a natural human biology makes no difference of turning 1+1=2 to 1+1=5.

Hence, i maintain it is justifiable to use 1+1=5. That means 3 apples magically appear from nowhere.





Written by elan85

May 13, 2008 at 4:35 am

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  1. […] Posted on May 14, 2008. This is a continuation from previous post … On The Concept of Infinity and Irrationality. […]

  2. Actually, your premise that God created atheists if flawed. To say that God created people is not to say that he created them in there every particular.
    As the scriptural writer explained it: “God made men upright, but they have sought out many devices.”
    Atheism is must one of those devices.

    It seems to me that you in your desire to assign irrationality to God, you are begging an important question; “What kind of creatures are we?” Specifically, you are assuming that we do not have a will and that we are not responsible for our own choices. To make a philosophical case against the God of the Bible (the Abrahamic God) requires that you also address and refute what the Bible says about humanity in relation to Him. This you have not done. Instead, you premise your argument on the assumption that you have already done this. In other words, you beg the question. Specifically, you assume that we have no will and that we are somehow not responsible for any of our opinions. Thus, God is responsible for everything — including the opinions I hold. Conversely, you assume that you are responsible for nothing.

    So, what does the Bible teach about the human race? Unfortunately,they are presently in a state of rebellion against God. This rebellion takes many forms. It sometimes demonstrates itself in the denial of God. The scriptures refer to this as, “suppressing the truth in unrighteousness.” This form of rebellion is similar to the little child who wants to disobey his parents, and so s/he closes or covers his/her eyes, thinking, “If I just pretend they are not there they cannot see me.”

    Finally I would note that, historically speaking, atheism is a relatively new way for the the human race to express its rebellion against its creator and limited only to highly developed cultures. But even there it has never really caught on. It is too counter-intuitive for most to swallow.


    May 16, 2008 at 12:32 am

  3. Hi markcarlton,

    I was not focusing my argument on the ‘God-creating-atheist’ premise and did not claim that it is a verified argument. I was merely trying to highlight the absurdity of a being having infinite power (as the title of this article suggests). So you are just looking at the tree and missed the forest.

    Hence, as i argued on the article The Limited Power of God that if God indeed exist, he cannot be omnipotent as claimed by Abrahamic religions performing miracles and magic because it will be a rational contradiction if God has infinite power. Rather, he should be a scientific God who does everything systematically.

    Meanwhile, i will not touch on the Bible arguments you are making because i think it is extremely unfair for me to attack or defend against it since i’d read very little of it.

    Thanks for the comment. 🙂

    Ronn Yeo

    May 24, 2008 at 2:18 pm

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