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Occasionally, i see flashes in the corner of my eye as if something just zoomed by especially at midnight. And i always ask myself, what if i turn my head around and do see something scary like ghost? If i do see a ghost, will it be a real ghost or just an illusion? Who knows, maybe my brain decided to play a surprise joke with me and mess my neurons up to create ghost-like image out. So far, fortunately or unfortunately, i’ve never encounter anything strange before.

However, i discovered recently that it is possible that there are things which could mess up with our brain and making us hallucinate …

In the year 1950, Wilder Penfield found that when he stimulated certain areas of the temporal lobe of the brain with electrodes, people began to hear voices and see ghostlike apparitions. Psychologists have known that epileptic lesions of the brain can cause the patient to feel that supernatural forces are at work, that demons and angels are controlling events around them….

… Neuroscientists know that a certain injury to your left temporal lobe can cause your left brain to become disoriented, and the brain might interpret activity within the right hemisphere as coming from another ‘self’. This injury could create the impressions that there is a ghostlike spirit in the room, because the brain is unaware that this presence is actually just another part of itself. Depending on his or her beliefs, the patient might interpret this ‘other self’ as a demon, angel, aliens or even God.M. Kaku

People who could see ghosts basically either have some abnormality on their brain or their brain was interfered heavily. There are two common forms of interference here. One is geomagnetic (Earth’s electromagnetic field) and the second is infrasound. I will not elaborate more on this as you can read this in more detail here:

Many months ago, i also read an article of Michael Persinger, a neuroscientist, who created a ‘God Helmet’ which designed to beam radio waves into a certain area of the brain to stimulate religious feeling. Basically, this machine will elicit God’s image and voices in the head of deeply religious people. Naturally, religious people could hear voices and see images of divine being and they reported to have a sense of bliss within them.

Mr. Persinger then conducted the experiment on atheists and who else is a better choice then the number 1 atheist in the world, Richard Dawkins. At the end of the experiment Dawkins said although he couldn’t see any images of God, he did hear random voices speaking inside his head. And he felt a slight pain in the head instead of feeling blissful. Hence this shows two things – One, there’s a part of our brain which is responsible of making us spiritual and believe in God. Two, it doesn’t matter whether you are spiritual or not, once your head is interfered, your mind will start playing tricks with you.

So, the next time you meet a ‘ghost’, asks yourself first – are you sure you are not looking at an illusion?


Written by elan85

May 26, 2008 at 4:29 pm

Posted in Neuroscience

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