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Science, Intelligent Design & Anti Intellectual.

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Brian Greene on Colbert’s Report

Kenneth Miller on Colbert’s Report.


  • Anti-intellectuals deny Evolution not because of rational thinking but rather the fact that it threatens their pride and beliefs. If you are rational and not biased, you will realize Evolution comes very naturally and is the truth for origin of life. It is as natural as how physics and chemistry work. You don’t think gravity is a force exerted by a God hidden in the center of the earth. We know gravity is a natural force which govern the planets and stars in the universe. So how is Evolution not a natural force which govern the life of beings? It is science. It is all the same.
  • Charles Darwin was not praised blindly by intellectuals because he proposed an idea which against God. He was praised because he was the first person who accumulated huge amount of data and conveyed comprehensively on how Evolution works. That’s how science works. That’s not how (irrational) faith works.
  • Kenneth Miller believes that Evolution and God are compatible. So it goes back to the question – Does God exist? Frankly, i don’t know despite my inclination to believe that this is 100% a natural world. But the God’s existence is not the main issue here. It is Evolution. Forget the question about God for a moment … we all know Evolution is a Truth and it is happening all the time.
  • Faith is Dead. Rationality lives on.

Written by elan85

June 18, 2008 at 8:42 pm

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