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Subconscious Survival

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A MEGA POST! Combining several scientific areas into one! In writing mood! RaWR~

Often, male tend to judge a female based on her outer appearance. What is the usual criteria of a beautiful woman to a man? They are usually long healthy hair, smooth and good skin texture, and nice curvy body. There’s always a reason behind this. But before we get into such psychological situation let’s look at the basics of how our biological body works first.

How The Body Maintain Itself.

Our body constantly self-rejuvenate by repairing and maintaining cells in our body. For instance we change our stomach lining every week once and we change our kidney every 3 weeks once (basically, every single cells in the mentioned organs will be totally replaced by new cells every few weeks). Our body usually rejuvenate perfectly for the first 25 years of our life but things will start to slide down once we are beyond 25 years old. That’s basically when we start to age or get old. Why do we age?

There’s a component called as ‘Telomeres’ in our cells which get shorter every time a particular cell splits. In other words, it will someday reach a point when the cell can no longer divide itself anymore. When we reach the age of 25-30, that will be the equilibrium stage where cells rejuvenation is balanced with the demand of the body. However, once you pass this age stage, the demand will start to overwhelm supply and gradually, certain part of the body will have to be neglected from being 100% rejuvenated. As more and more years pass by, more and more cells will not be able to be maintained and rejuvenated.  So, imagine if your skin is not rejuvenated properly, that’s when you will wrinkle. Imagine if your heart is not rejuvenated properly, that’s when you will be vulnerable to heart diseases. Same goes for other organs. Combine all these factors together, that’s the reason why a person’s body gets weaker as we age.

(The irony – if you exercise a lot, you will live healthier but not necessary longer because you damage your body faster when doing heavy workouts which will push your body to replace more cells. People who lived beyond 100 years old are usually the ones who have healthy diet and do not do much heavy exercising, hence explaining why most of the oldest people around the world are usually females.)

If a person has a disease, let’s say kidney or heart disease, the body will automatically focus all its attention on the damaged organ and repair it to prolong the life of the victim to ensure a possibility of survival. Since the resources of self-rejuvenation is limited, hence the lesser important organs will be neglected which are .. you might guess it right – the hair and skin (some sort of priority hierarchy. The vital organs are the primary priority while skin and hair are secondary in priority). In other words, when a person has a disease, his/her skin or hair will not be in top conditions due to the way of how our body works.

The Subconscious Trick

Many times, we ask ourselves, what is life’s ultimate goal or what is the purpose of our life. According to science, especially from biological point of view, our goal just like other animals and plants, is to reproduce or copulate to pass on the genes, creating offspring and ensuring the survival of species. Therefore, subconsciously, we will want to have the best partner to share our genes with each other to create offspring. It’s not surprising, we will always want to look for a healthy partner.

Hence, if a girl has a beautiful skin and hair, that subconsciously will tell the man that she is a healthy lady which in turn, make him consciously to be interested with her. If a girl does not have healthy skin, it subconsciously implies that either she is not really healthy or she is old, and a guy will less likely to be consciously interested because she will not be an ideal partner to create an offspring together.

(It’s common that a guy sometimes can’t explain why he is interested with his girl. It’s an unexplainable feeling. The reason is simple – because it has all been worked out by the subconscious mind.)

Needlessly to say, a guys obsession with a girls body (breast, hip and butt) is subconsciously due to her ability to carry the baby for 9 months (and beyond).

From here, you will get the idea that our subconscious and conscious mind are speaking two different languages yet they are still strongly linked with each other. (Freud and Jung said that dream is basically a way of how the subconscious mind try to communicate with us albeit in a semi-conscious way. That’s the reason why we have to interpret them properly.)

If the subconscious and conscious mind do not share the same form of language together, wouldn’t it be easy to fool our subconscious mind? For example – girls using make-up and push-up bras. We consciously know that girls ‘enhanced’ themselves, yet we are still attracted to them. That’s because our subconscious interpreted things wrongly, hence – fooled. I will illustrate to you another example of how our subconscious mind is fooled.

The ‘Healthy’ Food We Eat

Imagine you are living thousand years ago searching for food in the jungle. How do you know which food can be put into your mouth and eaten especially when you come across unknown fruits? You do not know, but most likely you will want to taste it first. Instinctively, you know (subconsciously) that an edible and healthy food is usually have some distinctive characteristics. Perhaps it will be sweet or fresh or crispy or juicy or tender. Whatever it is.

If the fruit smells bad, or taste bitter, basically anything which is counter-intuitive to a good food, that’s when we will most likely throw the fruit away. That’s how our subconscious mind interpret things to ensure we only put in healthy food into our stomach and prevent poisoning ourselves. (Even if we get poisoned, we have another mechanism to remove the poison from our body which is having a Diarrhea and defecate. Great wonder how the body works.)

However, in the modern times today, many food producers has ‘fooled’ our subconscious mind by introducing various form of ‘delicious’ unhealthy food such as chocolate, ice-cream, soft drinks, junk food, etc.

These form of food work really well to satisfy our taste bud and fooled our subconscious mind by making it thinking that we are consuming good food. But as we know, they are not healthy if frequently consumed. The fooled subconscious mind is not aware of that and keep encouraging people to eat more of those food because it thought the body is consuming healthy food…. just like how guys are attracted to girls on make-up and nice little tight outfit.

This is the way how our minds work by default. Of course, the extent of defining what’s beauty or good food may vary different from environment to environment but .. i hope you get the idea how our mind and body work together.


Written by elan85

June 18, 2008 at 11:18 pm

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    kent bigalow

    June 19, 2008 at 8:50 am

  3. Hie kent,

    The only thing i could think off at the moment is by doing a Stem Cell Transplatation. Have a look at the link below.

    However, you will have to look for places to get this service. I’m not sure i know where you could get it.

    Ronn Yeo

    June 20, 2008 at 8:42 pm

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  6. How would I expedite the growth and renewal of my kidney ?

    A reply would be appreciated.

    sincerely kent bigalow

    kent bigalow

    August 10, 2010 at 2:03 am

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