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Understanding Evolution, part II

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Evolution of Optimus Prime.


  1. optimus_prime                         2.  csoptimusprime                    16optimus_prime_(powermaster)                      optimus-prime

                           3.                                                                                             4.


The pictures above depict the process of ‘Evolution’ of Optimus Prime (1 being the earliest and 4 the latest) over the past …20 years? Optimus Prime 1. is the original model since Generation 1 and as we could see, the graphic design of Optimus Prime evolves over the years, to eventually Optimus Prime 4. which we got to watch in the cinema recently.

Why? Why does the design of Optimus Prime need to ‘Evolve’ over these years? Why can’t the original design remain permanent and still do well?

The reason is simple – in this commercial world, innovation is essential due to the ever-changing demand from the ‘Environment’ around it.  You have to innovate in order to stay up with this Competitive world, doing well and Survive. If you do not innovate, and refuse to adapt to this competitive world, you and your business will not flourish or worse, go Extinct.

Remember the eternal truth – nothing is absolute and remain permanent.

So, imagine if transformers did not change the design of its Autobots and Decepticons robots of the 80’s, and remain sticking with the retro graphics for its latest movie, what will happen? Such animation will surely be steamrolled by more sophisticated advanced 3D-animation, such as Final Fantasy 7 : Advent Children.  Why would people still want to watch a childish-old-school graphic animation when we already capable of producing realistically gorgeous 3D graphics in this new era?

        Transformersgroup1984               finalfantasyviiadventchildrenpic_2

Hence, there’s a form of Selection taking place all the time – a mutual interaction between the producer of the movie with the Environment, mainly the viewers. Optimus Prime simply Evolved because the movie producers will make more money that way as it is appealing to the environment.  If they stick with the old graphics, nobody will be interested to watch, and they will not make any money. Basically, the Fittest idea and execution wins.

In this case, the Generation 1 Optimus Prime has already gone Extinct. Whenever, the name Optimus Prime is mentioned, we will only think of the new uber-cool-design of Optimus Prime because this ‘Mutation’ has already rendered the old Optimus Prime obsolete and outdated.

Many times the producers do not exactly know what the viewers want and can only be hopeful that the viewers will like and accept the movie. I suppose it makes sense that no producer will produce a movie which he already knows will be a massive failure. Yet, as we know, there is no shortage of bad movies out there. And due to this, producers can’t avoid the element of luck and Chances – you never know how things will turn out to be.

I think I have given a pretty good analogy. It is up to you to connect the dots.


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August 27, 2008 at 7:17 am

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