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Male Supremacy? Of The Differences Between Men and Women.

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Feminist often argued that men and women are equal in every sense. Some people used the idea of Tabula Rasa, better known as The Blank Slate to justify the idea that every person is born without any innate abilities and everything is learnt from the environment including the differences between men and women – Everything is “Nurtured”. This is certainly a very politically correct and pleasing answer to listen and accept. But is a ‘correct’ answer which gives comfort and some sense of security equates to truth?

The answer, to me at least, is pretty straight forward – accepting the idea of Blank Slate means dismissing Evolution because everyone, to a certain extent, is born with certain innate abilities. I will illustrate my point by using chimpanzees as a comparison.

In one of my previous posts, I highlighted the fact that chimpanzees are our closest relatives from Evolution’s standpoint. Richard Wrangham, a researcher from Harvard said …

“Very few animals live in patrilineal, male-bonded communities wherein females routinely reduce the risks of inbreeding by moving to neighboring group to mate. And only two animal species are known to do so with a system of intense, male-initiated territorial aggression, including lethal raiding into neighboring communities in search of vulnerable enemies to attack and kill. Out of four thousand mammals and ten million or more other animal species, this suite of behaviors is know only among chimpanzees and human.” – Richard Wrangham.

If you are holding the idea that chimpanzees are just some cute little friendly creatures, think again. Chimpanzees, one of the more intelligent animals, are capable of using ‘tools’ to fight. They use wood branch and stone and practically, beat and stone other chimpanzees to death. Chimpanzee community raid enemy’s territory and ‘capture’ the area to assert their dominance and gain the spoils (food). However, it is only the male chimpanzees which do all the fighting, warfare and killing. The female, on the other hand, do all the foraging  work and taking care of the young within the community. As mentioned, chimps practice patrilineal lifestyle, which means, the territory is often passed down from father to son. Perhaps another remarkable thing about chimpanzees – they can go all the way to exterminate other chimpanzee communities via systematic massacre.

Do chimps reminds you anything about human being? Briefly scanning through our humanity history, there’s nothing short of surprises for us to know that our past is full of bloodshed. In some sense, this sophisticatedly violent behaviour is shared by our common ancestor of human being with our cousin chimps and is passed down generation over generation.

(I have once contemplated on why do cows are so content to just graze grass day and night for their whole entire life while human get bored even if we have just 2 similar meals on the same day.  I was pretty clueless until I read the book Human by M. Gazzaniga. In the second chapter of the book, he described that one of the reasons why chimpanzees engage in warfare in capturing territories is due to food. Chimps by nature, are driven by luxurious, high-quality and difficult-to find food. In ecology-economics, it is called as cost-of-grouping theory which states that the size of the chimpanzee community depends on the resources around it. The more variety and abundant of food they have, the bigger the size of the community it will be, which means a more dominating and stronger group within the territory. Hence, this form of ‘desire’ is an inherited behaviour from our common ancestor as a way to establish a powerful community/clan/group)

Back to the gender differences, it’s clear we share many basic instincts with the chimps and that’s including the role between men and women. As i have very clearly argued here 6 months ago – The Perceived Value – it is extremely important to recognize that due to Evolution, men and women are not exactly equal in every sense – we are different. A little abstract of what i’ve written:

I always believe men, generally, are more intelligent than women in conceiving big-world-changing-complex-ideas. Just refer to the history and notice that 99% of the great scientists, inventors, and philosophers are male. But does that means the ladies are inferior to men? Absolutely not. Empathy is one of the many traits which men generally severely lack off while it is innate to most female.

Again, it is all down to the ‘Perceived Value’. Empathy is perceived more as a manners or morality while conceiving big ideas is an ability. The society rate Intelligence as more valuable, hence creating an impression that the male species are superior.

I believe men and women are equal. But I don’t believe men and women are equal in the sense of “corresponding-equality”. It is more of ‘total-equality’. Clueless? I invented these crappy terms, so i will explain the meanings,.

1. Corresponding-equality : What men can do, women can too. There’s no gap between men and women and we are 100% precisely equal in every sense.

2. Total-equality : Men & Women have different sets of strengths & weaknesses. But when you sum up these plus and minus together, men and women are actually equal.

Most feminist movements are championing the corresponding-equality ideology. I do not agree with their philosophy because i think it will take away the uniqueness of difference between men and women. Relationships are interesting because there are different ‘roles’ involved from both sides.

The reason why the disparity between gender exist in the first place is because we are hardwired to function in such a way to fulfil certain roles which Evolution wants us to be (hence, it seems we do not have much free will at macro-level). The female is evolved to be more concerned on issues pertaining to human – children, family, household matters, food, emotional aspects, etc. Hence, it explains why female are more interested in academics which are more people-oriented such as medical, pharmacy, biology, psychology, and also business area (which deals with network of people such as management and marketing). The male on the other hand is evolved to be more concerned with things which is beyond human being. That’s why men are more interested in abstract matter such as science, technology, engineering, music & arts, mathematics and entrepreneurship (which in some way boost our pride).

But you might say, there now exist a sense of equality between men and women. And it seems that we ‘learned’ and ‘nurtured’ the sense equality in humanity over these many years. If so, how could we evolved to have separate roles in the first place? My answer would be, if we could ‘evolved in’ to have roles, then we could also ‘evolved out’ of the roles. Discrimination has lessen over the years in the sense of sexism, racism, etc. and I believe we are evolving towards a Type 1 civilization (as described by Michio Kaku) where we will move to skin-colour-blind society and think from humanity point of view (instead from race or nation point of view). All i can tell you – free will is not as straightforward as you think if you link it with Evolution, genetics, and neuroscience. I will leave it to another time to explain it in more details.

The males are certainly the more dominant gender in human and chimpanzee. But it’s not right to think that the males are the universal dominant gender in every single  species in this animal kingdom. There are certain species of insects and birds where the females are the more dominant ones. Just like the mantis which practice sexual cannibalism where the female kill and eat the male after mating. All these diversities are the product of Evolution.


Written by elan85

September 3, 2008 at 3:00 am

12 Responses

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  1. Elementry…


    November 30, 2008 at 5:14 am

  2. The main difference between genders is the ability of females to exploit males. Based on million year old bones analyses and on observations of existing societies, we can confidently state that:
    In all societies females have had more comfortable and longer lives than males.
    How females manage to control males?
    1) Touching emotions, 2) sex, 3) children, 4) using males against males.
    Males simply can’t match such huge arsenal of tools to exploit females.

    Ivan Zverkov

    April 8, 2010 at 7:54 am

  3. Elan – Yes, Tabula Rasa suggests that everything is learned from the environment. But learning is not passive, it’s interactive. Both men and women are born with the capacity/ability to think… we are not at the mercy of chance, we are free to change things. This is the hallmark of human beings, which makes us different from other animals. When you choose to believe that you are merely ruled by your genes, then you are depriving yourself of a real human experience. You have a mind… use it!

    F. Ayuste

    March 18, 2011 at 5:37 pm

  4. Fully agreed, mate.
    Women don’t have the XY chromosome combination,
    which is required for a number of features found
    in the male’s psychological make-up (as well as physical & social), including the ability to process
    & analize complex information.
    This is why the computer sciences are almost entirely
    men’s realm, & it’s why there’s never been nor will there ever be a she Einstein, a she DaVinci, a she Plato or a she Christopher Columbus.
    Women are about emotion & very little else


    April 20, 2011 at 12:25 am

  5. Truly, the most glaring difference between male humans and female humans is the continuous, ongoing, centuries old arguments and attempts to prove, ad nauseum, that males are superior in intelligence and ability. It’s not difficult to understand for a person who is not in denial; if the majority of fathers teach their sons to fix cars, and send their daughters back inside when she shows interest, then Dad just conditioned both in about a hundred ways. Mom complied by going along with it, and also by refusing to break the cycle by learning on her own, and teaching her daughter. So daughter tries to learn from the boys in the neighborhood, who’s fathers taught them (patiently, even the dumber ones) but they make fun of her. She enrolls in autoshop at school, and the teacher who does not like it when girls learn things he considers “his” domain, allows his male students to do the same thing as the neighbor boys. Also, he gives her the cold shoulder and is dismissive toward her during class.
    Anyone who knows how conditioning works understands that humans cannot learn well in a hostile environment. If the tables were turned, same subject, but the odd kid out was a boy, he wouldn’t be able to learn to his ability either.
    That’s how slave owners used to keep slaves ignorant, albeit they didn’t worry about the subtlety or covering it up.
    And what is this obsession that so many humans seem to have with trying to prove that their own group, whether it’s their gender, race, nationality, politics, or religion, is superior to another group? Look through your history books, ancient and recent, you will find this anywhere you look.
    This is just logic and obvious facts. Both genders do something amazing with information that doesn’t serve their personal agendas; they delete it from their brains, literally. The denial ability found in humans is astounding.
    Ask yourself this one simple question: When one adult person is actually superior to another, do they really feel compelled to prove it?

    Marianne Black

    May 18, 2012 at 12:21 pm

  6. I will not believe in statistics, because they are never accurate besides, how do you expect women to be geniuses out of nowhere, when they’ve been denied to go to school and forced to stay at home to reproduce and serve men for centuries??? (Of course they are not going to invent and do shit, but make babies, cook and wash dishes) Women are put down in inferiority to just be household objects to support men.

    Miya Parham Salarzon

    June 24, 2012 at 10:59 pm

    • Oh Please, spoken like a victim, which is exactly how the Feminists want you to feel and act like a victim so women can continue to claim the world is against them. Everything is tilted the woman’s way, so get down off your self entitlement rant, and look at facts

      Paul Agan

      July 6, 2013 at 8:33 pm

      • I disagree some points in the article, but it is so true that many women volunteer to be victims. If you hate taking care of household for men, then go to work. This is not the matter of gender discrimination, but it is the matter of the survival of fittest. In some families, women are in charge of their families because they earn money than their husbands do. So if you don’t like to be one of the victims, don’t get married or get a better job than your husband’s! Even though I am a woman, I am already sick of listening excuses for being a victim without trying to change things.


        November 17, 2013 at 10:43 am

    • “you expect women to be geniuses out of nowhere”
      Were you drinking when you wrote that or are you just naturally dumb ?

      It doesn’t take the entire sex of an individual to be 100% educated in order for that person to be a genius. If the person is genius it usually shows.

      And even in medieval societies, there have been plenty of women of high birth who have had chances of the best available education of the time. In ancient Athens women were generally discouraged from education and such. The men did all the significant contributions to science culture and philosophy. But the women in Sparta had a lot of influence and freedom in society , wheras the men were forced to practice war exclusively. Whatever contributions did the women of Sparta ever make. What contributions Sparta ever made (saving the western civilization from Persians), that too was done by men. And if you dont believe what I said about sparta, I refer to you documentaries, that too done by a highly educated woman :

      And stop prattling about how women have been conditioned blah blah blah…..

      Ever heard of Srinivasa Ramanujan ? He was born into a peasant family, where all the conditioning was to get some laboring job and earn a wage. Didn’t stop him from showing his genius, even with a severe lack of education, material and psychological support from his family. Same goes for Michael Faraday.

      Remember Gregor Mendel, the inventor of genetics? He was an uneducated monk who was “conditioned” that God made the Earth in 7 days etc. didn’t stop him from inventing genetics .

      Da Vinci was a bastard, who stood to inherit nothing from his father and was “conditioned” by the medieval society that since he was born out of wedlock, he was an inferior human being and was good for nothing. Didn’t stop him from becoming Da Vinci.


      September 23, 2014 at 5:09 pm

  7. It turns out the closest species to humans are chimps and bonobos, both sharing roughly 99% of our DNA.
    Here’s the funny part:

    “The Bonobo
    Bonobos are female dominant, with females forming tight bonds against males through same-sex socio-sexual contact that is thought to limit aggression. In the wild, they have not been seen to cooperatively hunt, use tools, or exhibit lethal aggression.
    The Chimpanzee
    Chimpanzees are male dominant, with intense aggression between different groups that can be lethal. Chimpanzees use tools, cooperatively hunt monkeys, and will even eat the infants of other chimpanzee groups.”

    Look it up


    June 9, 2014 at 5:29 am

  8. I agree, that men and women are not same but, but I disagree when you say men are more intelligent on an average…. Actually, it has been proved to be wrong. Men and women have equal overall general intelligence on an average, while women outscoring men on verbal intelligence and men outscoring women on spatial intelligence….And also the male variability seems to be higher….most of the super dumbs and super smarts are men….But, this higher variability nearly disappears in More gender equal society…and now next question, where are the great female inventors, scientist, thinkers ?? fact is, there more there then we even know….Right from Dishwashers, to car wipers, to menstrual cups, to bras, to medical syringes, to circular saws to the discovery of the primary role of Y chromosome in maleness in humans and most other mammals, to theory of objectivity to the structure of DNA and many more were invented and discovered by women….But, sadly we don’t get to read about them much….and many a times women had to fight to claim there credit…Many a times the credit deserved by a woman were unfairly given to a man…Women didn’t have patent rights….Surely the number of female inventors are less but, that’s not because “they are dumber” its because they didn’t get equal opportunity….And most societies, they were expected only to get married and give birth….They were bought up to believe that they are born to be married and give birth..Many women spent nearly all their adult lives giving birth…They were always looked down upon…Men were bought up to be independent but women were bought up to be dependent….This affects a lot ones motivation to inventors stuff…Even today, scientific researchers are mostly men, because they always find a wife to support them at home…But, in contrary women still find it hard to find an ever supporting husband at home…But, whenever women got a little opportunity they proved themselves….Marie S. Curie, was the first person to win multiple noble prizes…Girls today outperform boys in educational achievements…Girls are also catching up boys in mathematics….The higher male IQ variance in narrowing in many gender equal countries….Shakuntala Devi, an Indian mathematician was the one of the fastest Mathematician in the world… The share of Female patent holders are increasing…But, still there is a long way to go… patriarchy and male supramistic ideas though being crumbling and are being debunked still prevail, an baseless male chauvinistic articles like this only contribute to the scenario…You simply claim stuff, when most studies are indicating to the contrary…Serious flaws and cherry pickings were found in Mr. Lynn and Mr. Irwin’s “findings” who claimed that men had higher average intelligence.. and after further research and tests on working memory skills, they themselves admitted that they were wrong…Women are under represented in Invention and discovery is for the same reason they are underrepresented in politics or most powerful top position …Most women drop out of their careers even before they rich the “top” of their career, because it’s still hard in our sexist society to get a good men who is ready to sit back and support her….Gender stereotypes and sexism both internalized and externalised, patriarchy which though crumbling but still exist sadly to a good extent, acts on lowering severely women’s chances to rich the top of human intellectual potential and career success by double burdening her with housework and career….hence the picture…


    January 17, 2017 at 3:51 pm

  9. a very interresting passage but there may b a few things i need to point out. in history, men have always been smarter than women. as more dominant and important in historical society, men have received education and have been encouraged to explore philosophy and other subjects. some, in contrast have been pushed down and never told to do this. this is why men have been seen as more clever. this is not/ or should not be the case any more with education given in most countries equally. i therefore do not see where the idea of men being smarter than women in todays age comes from.

    my name

    April 18, 2017 at 9:59 pm

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