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Feminism Is Chauvinism

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Note: I pondered for some time before publishing this post because I think it is a little biased towards feminism in general. But I think it is worth reading at the same time. So, a little disclaimer here, when I mention feminist, I’m actually referring to radical or extreme feminist.

There was an essay I’ve written over a year ago – The Perceived Value – my little discovery on why comparing and critiquing intelligence between races and genders is such a sensitive issue. If only my English writing was better back then, the essay would have been perfect – it was one of my all time favourite observations I’d made. (I write better these days and I’m still trying to improve on my writing). And I’ve never hide the fact that I dislike radical feminists. A year ago, I mildly dismissed the ideology of feminism. But today, I will take one step harsher and explain in length on why modern radical feminists are bunch of confused people.

I think feminist are exactly the opposite of male chauvinist pig … that’s right … female chauvinist pig. Feminism over the years have evolved away from its noble purpose of creating awareness and defending women rights to creating new ridiculous ‘belief systems’. I feel today feminism has become more like a medium for angry women to vent their hatred and frustration towards man. Few typical examples of feminist irrationality:

  • Feminists complain when a TV show make fun/joke about women
  • Feminists are upset when a movie portray the actress as weak
  • Feminists complain when a research put “He” instead of “She” as example
  • Feminists always deny any research which shows men are better in certain things than women

My personal ‘favourite” irrational belief from the feminist is -“Men and Women are innately equal. It is the culture which created different roles in gender.”  Every time I hear this statement, I feel like crying out loud to the lady – “Bullshit”! Well, actually I’ve never done it before and never intended to but you get the picture of how silly the statement is to me. Here’s my take on this issue.

We have to look back at the history to investigate the origin of humanity – The evolutionary root. Many thousands years ago, humanity were living in a hunter-gatherer society – The Men were the Hunters while the Women were the Gatherers. These roles were shaped by natural selection to ensure the survival of human species. You see, human’s survival actually wasn’t really easy back then. Due to the complexity of human being, it takes plenty of effort from a human to develop a child properly (typically need to spend 15-20 years to grow up a child). At the same time, due to our higher intelligence, our brain consumes massive amount of energy, hence our ancestors needed plenty of food. This is how through natural selection, the nature has discover a perfect method for human species to survive properly – distributing roles between male and female. The men will hunt for meat while women will take care of the young and gather food which is easier to get such as fruits. This method worked well, and it is also the same reason why we still exist today. Even our species’ cousin chimpanzees are living in a similar societal structure.

And here, we have feminists who believe that men and women are born blank slate with nothing attached, just like a piece of pure blank white paper. Bam! There goes evolutionary psychology and genetics down the drain. These deluded feminists believe they could overwrite the millions of years of evolutionary history by imposing a fantasy-ideology to people, totally in disregard with our biological history.

There’s a reason why men could develop muscle easier compared to women. You see, our genes do not understand what is a fast food restaurant. Our genes today is still similar with our cavemen ancestor who have to wrestle and carry animal meat back home. That’s why muscular men still exist today. But thinking logically, we do not need so much muscle today as compared to thousand years ago. Why didn’t the culture make big muscle extinct? See, by just substituting intelligence with muscle, we could already clearly see how ridiculous the statement by the feminist! Is there really a difference between brain power and muscle power when both are the subject of Evolution? If brain power between gender are equal, why is muscle power not equal? Again, it all boils down to my early observation of The Perceived Value. Of course, I’m sure we will gradually evolve away from our ancestor, but the majority of our basic instinct is still pretty primitive as of today…just like most ladies still enjoy chivalry from the gentlemen, no?

Let’s look at another example of irrationality from feminism. Look at prostitutions, one of feminist’s favourite topic. Feminism consistently urge to abolish prostitution as they like to call it a sex ‘exploitation’ by men on women. But think about it, on the flip side, men actually paid women for sex and this is a fact often conveniently ignored and disregarded by the feminist – So, the million dollar question here – Who is Exploiting Who? Just as men and exploited women for sex, could it also mean that women are exploiting men for money? Is this not a fair trade in accordance to the law of Supply and Demand?

Perhaps, I sound like a MCP who is desperate to put women down. But I totally respect women. Having grown up living in a single parent family, I do not need anyone to tell me how capable a woman is. And I totally believe in equal rights and equal opportunities should be given to all genders. But the truth is still truth. Men and Women are biologically not the same. Men play a bigger role in leading and shaping the world while women supported and complemented men. In any case, just check the history if you have doubts. That’s why I call feminist confused – they are confused between the differences of equality and sameness.

I do not believe in extremes not matter what the circumstances are. I believe extremism distort our view in perceiving the reality. I believe when feminism first started out, their intention was noble and right. But slowly, feminists got obsessed with it and turn it into a political power. And they got even more obsessed with it and start creating delusional reality to fit it into their belief systems. Feminism has now generally become the blame-the-men movement, taking a holier than thou stance as if all women are victims and there are no evil and malicious females out there.

I’m pretty glad that feminism is not a big thing in Asian countries. To see women as ‘same’ with men is a big mistake because I believe it will only condition genders to compete with each and to see each other as a ‘threat’- Just like US and China aggressively competing with each other because they believe they are the ‘same’ when it comes to power. Men and women are not supposed to compete with each other – We should work together. To work together harmoniously, there need to be an acceptance in our innate abilities and nature and to know who we are and what we can do.


Written by elan85

March 17, 2009 at 3:54 pm

13 Responses

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  1. From a womanly point of view, I am so happy you are capable of speaking your mind so clearly! As an American woman, it is even more of a pleasure to read such things. As a real woman (instead of a woman pretending to be a man) I wish more men would put obstinate women in their place. They are truly a nuisance having no manners, etiquette, and creating mayhem in the natural order of life.

    It would be difficult for any feminist to understand that the feminist movement is the reason this nation is in economic failure. They are too busy moving their mouths for selfish desire and purpose, to wake up and realize the process by which inflation was created. More people working (women went to work)+more money flowing nationally=a rise in price for products and services because of the ability to pay the higher prices. Women did this. No one else. Because they just had to go to work to fulfill some selfish need.

    Wouldn’t it be interesting how the country would immediately turn around if they chose to actually act like women, and stay home?

    My goodness! What a marvelous concept that feminists could never agree too. Thats okay, at least some women still prefer skirts. And most of them never have to worry about the economic stability. As they have wonderful husbands who are usually very intelligent and sought after in the work environment, who take the upmost care of the love of their life because she is genuinely a woman with no head games. How is that for understanding personal value? …

    Sucks to be feminist now, doesn’t it? lol

    Rant of a submissive wife whom is fed up with the shemales.


    May 9, 2009 at 7:23 am

  2. Aliaha, You definitely do not know why women starting working? Some women are not as lucky to have intelligent husbands, usually there are many that do not choose to marry, or the intelligent men feel threaten by an intelligent woman and rather marry someone else, that does not pose such a threat. Feminism (depends on the branch) is not about bashing men. It is not women wanting to be men. Far from the truth! It is about mutuality and equal opportunity. And equal opportunities. To stop men to abuse women or children just because society or religion (male based) decided that women were lesser. As the Dalai Lama states: I believe that the time has come for women to take more active roles in all domains of human society, in an age in which education and the capacities of the mind, not physical strength, define leadership. This could help create a more equitable and compassionate society.” And understand that we as feminist do not want to “rule” over man, but we do not want to be “ruled over” either. It is about a dialogue between sexes on how to act as partners in this life.
    Act as a woman and stay home? You are very lucky to have a home, or a husband or companion… what happens with millions of women that are single, or abandoned??? stay home? who will support them? what makes them less than a real woman, what makes you a real woman? a man? you define your womanhood because you think you are the love of the life of that person? Is that your understanding of self value? I am a woman, a complete woman NO matter if someone loves me or not, I AM A WOMAN just because I am, who I am. how about that for real self value?

    May the person who thinks you are the love of his life, lives a long and prosper life, and might he never changes his mind over you, other wise, that really will suck!

    Sucks to be a submissive wife does not it?

    Not a rant but a wake up call. Wake up! Wake UP! WAKE UP!

    A real WOMAN.


    May 26, 2009 at 1:36 am

  3. To the Real Woman: maybe we are not complete unless we have someone to share our lives? Are you really complete?

    Life is hard and I’ve heard more men than women admit that. Women always have the “backup plan”. If the marriage fails, he still pays. Men have no backup plan, and must be very careful if they get married.

    Why not share your life with a man who you can help, and accept his help in return? Instead of women forcing men to help them via child support payments (thus negating the notion that they were ever independent), why not try being nice to the poor guy and working together?

    People who want to live life on their own may end up with exactly that, and regret it.

    You may think you are worth so much because you can be alone, but really what is that worth? Even street bums have achieved that.

    I like the first woman, the one you berate. She sounds nice. She sounds like someone who makes a nice life for her family. You sound not very nice, bitter in fact. But at least you are independent.
    Try being interdependent for a change. You might make two people very happy.

    Also remember that most men are ruled over by the elites too. In fact most men these days have less legal rights and privileges than you do.

    The Dalai Lama may say all these nice words, but you can’t even lead a family, or even help lead one, so why should I trust you with a country?

    And, to top it all off, I’d bet anything that you would never allow a role reversal and have a house husband, while you go and earn the daily bread. Eventually you would despise and belittle him. Instincts cannot be suppressed for ever. That’s the reason men don’t like being with a superior woman. He knows that she will hate him eventually. You would eventually ask yourself “What do I need this loser for?”

    Men aren’t your enemy – you are, because all feminists are.


    July 1, 2009 at 8:17 pm

  4. As I stated, feminists suck.


    July 7, 2009 at 4:31 am

  5. Chauvinism sucks even more. If it weren’t for male chauvinist pigs, feminism wouldn’t need to exist. Women and men should have equal opportunity and rights and should not be oppressed because of the body they were born into. To force someone to do something against their will, or to brainwash them to think they are weak because of their gender is ridiculous. To be submissive is pathetic. Sorry, but I’m not about to give up my rights as a human being because some idiot men out there who think women are less than them and believe they have the right to control them. Guess what, women aren’t less than men, never were, never will be, so just get used to it. Sometimes when I see this stupid sexism from men I really start thinking that it may be better if women put men in their place and took over. Look at what a mess the world is in because of male dominance. It’ll take a lot of good women to clean up this hell men have created.


    September 6, 2012 at 10:35 pm

    • >implying feminism isnt just female chauvinism


      September 16, 2012 at 11:52 pm

    • “I really start thinking that it may be better if women put men in their place and took over. Look at what a mess the world is in because of male dominance. It’ll take a lot of good women to clean up this hell men have created.”

      Spoken like an ignorant sexist female chauvinist pig.


      December 7, 2016 at 11:51 pm

  6. I want to start by stating outright that I am male. I am also a kind and caring person.

    I feel that women and men should have equal opportunities, but that these opportunities should exist does not entail, that all women should take advantage of them. I am of course only stating that there is no ‘ought’ for women to be in equal amd same positions as men. I am not saying that some women ought not to pursue these possibilities.

    But I find that feminism today encourages women to feel as though they ought to be pursuing these opportunities. They employ sophisms, like saying that ‘men have had control, and the wirld is messed up…so clearly men need to be out in their place’.

    Our legal system caters to political pressure (particularly feminist pressure)…enforcing longer prison times to men than to women for the same crimes.
    Men need advocates too and I say that there are more reasons to advocate for male rights. Consider that:
    Men are more likely to be involved in violent crime (both as perpetrators and as victims)
    Men do more poorly in academic environments up to the high school level.
    Men are less likely to graduate high school or even go to college.
    The list goes on and on.

    Men are people too. We were once children and we have psychological problems just like everyone else. But when men do something wrong, they are considered aggressive and downright bad. When women do something wrong, they are considered victims of circumstance.
    I’ve gotten to the point in my personal life where if someone proudly self-identifies as a feminist (especially a woman), I’m done. My rights matter too. Men matter too.

    The irony of course, in line with the author of the article, is that protofeminism of John Stuart Mill and his wife was nothing like the feminism of which we speak. In those days, the goal was to change our thinking and consider women as equal and not less than men. But, consider that no claim was ever made that they are the same. In fact the feminsim of J.S. Mill was based on the presumption that prior moral and legal theories were entirely focused on male interests and dispositions (implying that women have different interests and dispositions).
    This what I have to say now:
    I’m 31 and I’ve spent that last 11 years of my life pandering to the whims of feminist culture. The truth is that feminism is just nationalized hedonism disguised as a civil rights movement. Our divorce rate is astronomical and I would wager that this is largely due tk women leaving marriages for any of the following so-called ‘legitimate reasons’:
    Falling out of love
    Needing more sex (or more fulfilling sex)
    To pursue career goals

    Look. If you can’t keep promises, don’t make them. We live in a culture which feeds any movement where people are doing ‘whatever they want’. This is because we place a high value on personal freedom.

    In my opinion, if you are a feminist, then you should value equal opportunity. You should not blame men, try to be the same as men, use your genitalia to justify harm against other human beings, or any other equally heinous act. The ideal feminist is fine by me.
    The actual feminist is a hedonistic free rider, riding on the coat tails of what has turned into a sort of female chauvinism, more generally.


    April 20, 2013 at 3:46 pm

  7. It’s sad how men dont want women to have their own opinions, dreams, and desires. Men are the ones who messed up the world, yet they blame so many things on the females. Men are the ones who rape, most times the ones who cheat in marriage, they are the ones who create war, they are the ones who burglarize homes and businesses, and the list can go on. Male chauvenism existed a long long ago and still goes on.
    Now that women have grown tired of men being disrepectful to us, objectifying us, discriminating against us, and trying to block us from having things we want for ourselves and for our gender, we are taking a stand. Men label this action, as “feminism”. Why did men have to label us as feminists and why do we as women allow men to label us for for wanting rights and respect for ourselves? You see, men can conveniently forget to label themselves as chauvinists. There was no need for men to fight women, because men already HAD everything in their grasp. Women had nothing, still dont have very much. Women were bowing down, bending over, and worshipping men for hundreds, even thousands of years. It was time for women to take a stand,

    Now if only we can get those “traitor” females to shut up being so low down and catty to the female gender. 12:07pm

    Jena Valley Wildcat

    May 13, 2014 at 12:07 am

  8. The problem I have with feminism is that it accepts the world as it is as too legitimate.Instead of critiquing life it scrambled to participate and validate the equally harsh life style of wage servitude and military service that men had been forced into by our capitalist masters. Women had a lot to offer from their alternative perspective and had through the centuries offered some great commentary on the insanity of capitalism, communism and militarism. But instead certain loud voice smothered wiser ones in there rush to buy into the capitalist dream.
    Ultimately the most victimized parties by feminism aren’t men or women but children who now have had both parents stolen from them and for the most part live lives of virtual abandonment.


    February 21, 2016 at 12:03 am

  9. I just read an article written by Glen Poole, but its the comments within that really inspired me to come back and say this.

    I was wrong to use insulting language in my posts, which may or may not pass moderation.

    I hope my comments do pass moderation, so that this comment can be read with full understanding.

    While it may seem rather pointless of me to engage with someone like Hellcat, who is so firmly stuck in her beliefs that I doubt anything I say could change her strong opinions, at least others may see the sexism that I’ve pointed out. And if I can raise awareness and call out anti-male sexism for the sexism it is, then there’s some value in people seeing that.

    But I now believe it’s not the best approach.

    What Glen has to say about being open and inclusive really spoke to me; so to those women I called “sexist pigs” and the like, I’d like you to understand that my real intention in doing this was to sting you into thinking about the sexism that exists against men. Our culture has become so attuned to noticing sexism against women, while being blind to sexism against men and boys, that this kind of sexism almost always goes unchallenged.

    To the OP, and others following this thread, if you’re interested in a more open and inclusive way of dealing with sexism against men and women, I invite you to read this article.

    The main subject is a review of The Red Pill movie, but the real gold is found in what Glen and others have to say in the comments section about creating a more open, inclusive and less confrontational approach.


    December 8, 2016 at 1:33 am

  10. Hello.
    Feminism is not supposed to be chauvinistic, though a chauvenistic branch has developed over time.
    I’m a (non chauvinistic) feminist, who lives in Sweden, who believe in equality for all sexes. Both women and men suffer sexism on a daily basis. Both men and women suffer from expectations or on them because of norms. This is something I as a feminist want to see change for the better – for all sexes.
    I realize, as a woman, that most women do not have the same capability to develop as much muscles as most men do, though there are of coursce individuals who can. Some men are weakest than some women, some women are stronger than some men, but for most part, men are stronger. (notice I use the words most and some, not all).
    We are equally strong Intellectually.
    In sweden women are hired to work in higher positions to a larger and larger extent. The higher positions are still male dominated though, because there are men who still think of women as inferior and not capable (they are stuck in old ways of thinking)
    in the highest positions.
    This is what it looks like in corporations and such,
    Our government is different though, there are 46% women and 54% men sitting as members of parliament. Soon it will be 50/50.

    Fathers have the same opportunity to take parental leave as women in Sweden, which is something me, my partner, my cousins, family and all my friends that have children or think about starting a family are really thankful and happy about.

    It’s becoming more widely accepted for men to work in female dominated fields of work and for women to work in male dominated fields of work. Workplaces with a mix of both genders has proved to have a positive effect on work results (in Sweden).

    Here in Sweden, girls for some reasons do better in school, therefore they are now getting better educated than boys, because when we apply for university we compete for the spots based on our grades. Read more about it here;

    According to me, when you say ;
    “Men play a bigger role in leading and shaping the world while women supported and complemented men” it is true viewed historically, maybe you should ask your self why this is instead of taking it as proof of that it’s the way it should be?
    Since women has had sole responsibility for child rearing for a large part of history, women had not had the time out opportunity to do what men have been able to do. Today society looks different, women have the time to do exactly what men do (accept for maybe the end of pregnancy and then a half year to a year the mother provide nutrition to the little one by brestfeeding), at least in the more developed countries this is a fact.

    Since we are equally as intelligent, and have almost equally the same time to educate our self and work, there is no reason men should exclusively hold the leding and shaping roles in society.

    Women have historically been suppressed and not allowed to participate in society, today there just isn’t any good reason for it to be this way. That’s what feminism is about, working for equality!

    Kind regards, Sofia.


    January 28, 2017 at 8:15 pm

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