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Day 2 : Hatyai

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Many young and pretty Thai celebrities / models on TV and billboards are fair skin with chinese/japanese/luk kreung(western mixed) ancestry. That’s why many aspiring dark skin Thai girls will paint their face with Nippon Paint Weatherbond Solareflect to look like one. Ooh, i mean..whitening lotions.

Interesting stats – do you know that robberies crime rate in Malaysia is 2000% higher than Thailand? No wonder Thai girls are walking around the street alone fearlessly at night. *Gasp* culture shock.

Thai people are extremely friendly and humble … way more than Malaysians do. Salesgirls and traders genuinely thank you after purchasing from them and make no fuss when you do not buy. No punchline or sarcasm needed to justify this because Malaysian’s attitude and friendliness is starting to become a joke like Singaporeans.

Chinese influence is strong in Hatyai. Many traders know how to speak Mandarin and Hokkien or at least a word or two. Well still no difference for a typical banana PJ-boy like me who only know Cantonese. Life sucks.

Was deliberately looking for girls in tudung in McDonalds to prove my certain hypothesis. And behold! 3 Thai Muslim girls eating in McDonald’s eventhough they serve pork burger there. I wish i could relate this and further comment about the hypersensitivity of Malaysians but i can’t because the word hypersensitivity has already explained itself.

I honestly think tuk tuk is the greatest Thai invention after agogo bar, ah kua, and Bebe. Words cannot describe my fascination of how cost effective it is to transport locals and tourists around the city so well. The whole system is just perfect if you ignore the air-cond variable from the equation.

It is very common to see three No signs in shopping complexes and hotels in Hatyai. No Smoking, No Animals and No Durians. Who the fuck will ever bring durians to a shopping complex? Must be Malaysians.


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March 5, 2011 at 9:22 pm

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Day 1 : Hatyai

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I got the feeling Buddhist temples in Thailand are competing to be big and extravagant to compete for donations from tourists. Donation box is in every.bloody. corner. Business, man. Business.

Buddhism – a beautiful philosophy degraded to pure superstitious religion. The monk shouted ‘ Huat ah!’ and gave 4 digit number in the end of blessing ceremony. I swear i saw the Buddha statue /facepalm himself afterwards too.

During the blessing ceremony, i prayed of meeting Bebe aka Tanchanok Rithnaka in my hotel room tonight. Time to prove the power of your blessing, monk.

A mystery i can never solve. Why do one third of the people in Hatyai are driving pickup truck? Is this a friggin trend or because people who could afford to buy cars are mostly traders/business people who need to carry alot of stuffs or one third of thai use it for human trafficking or what? My gut tells me that it is a tasteless trend among the Hatyai-an. Sheeps.

Thai people worship thier King like a …. king. oh .. Duh. His face is in every corner of the street like a king. oh well what the hell im talking about.

Im in the land where all Thai, Chinese and Malay people speak Thai language. 1Thailand! To all racist Malaysian Chinese people, you can now stroke your ego by going to Southern Thailand and mock the Malays here as  ‘pendatang’! . oh wait i don’t think they even speak BM here. damn.

Hatyai girls are girl next door-ish, simple and … these cute girls drive motorbike everywhere. I repeat. So really cute damn  girls many on motorbike everywhere. I don’t care if the sentence don’t make sense. Finally there’s a group of girls who don’t think and treat themselves as princesses just because they are good looking.

If you are below 40 and think of going Hatyai – don’t. Seriously. Unless you have fetish to see girls on motorbikes and tuk tuks or else you will have nothing much to do other than counting how many girls are driving motorbike on the road.

Seriously, if you still dont believe me, explain where do i get all the time in the world to type all these crap insights?

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March 4, 2011 at 7:54 pm

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