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When religious law within politics interferes with society.

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I was browsing Reddit as usual and apparently there was a hot debate at the moment in America – should abortion be legalized? As expected, Conservatives politicians will say No based on religious ground and Liberal politicians will say Yes based on secular ground.

And then Obama came out with the following statement, which I thought to be pretty inspiring ….


That’s right. Subject to argument and amenable to reason. Universal value. And the reason of the separation of church and state in earlier American history. (Apparently, Socrates was forced to kill himself when he advocated this same idea in ancient Greek history)

From Malaysia’s context, I think the recent case where Erykah Badu’s concert got banned because of the (impermanent) Allah tattoo for one of her album art covers highlighted exactly why religious law interference is logically appalling. I will explain why.


What enraged most non-Muslim Malaysians is it does not make sense to pass on an Islamic law which blanket every Malaysians when clearly not all of us are Muslims. Maybe 60+% of Malaysians will be offended, but the rest of 40% of people may not comprehend why it is offensive at all. Of course it is important to respect Muslims’ view, but respect is always both ways. Some people call it tolerance. So, why impose something which non-Muslim don’t believe on? Why not just disallow Muslims but it is ok for non-Muslim to go for her concert just like casino and pubs? Just a thought.

One man’s meat is another man’s poison. What offends one man, might not necessarily will offend the other. Why treat it as though we are all offended?

Of course, Malaysia has been generous to non-Muslims by giving us plenty of freedom, and i recognized that, but the occasional religious interference doesn’t really make sense. Just like France disrespect Muslims there by banning hijab, i think most non-Muslim Malaysians are feeling the same when these moral police go on banning spree which affects non-Muslim. Of course, the degree of severity is different but the gist of it is the same.

I never believe in religion and divine power. However, I respect everyone has their own belief system. I just think religion should be an individual personal relationship with God. Let God judge if an individual is right or wrong. When moral polices act and impose beliefs on behalf of God, and tell us what is right and wrong through media and politics, I’m skeptical. Very skeptical.

And lastly, here’s one of my all time favourite intelligent video by Richard Dawkins who discussed about religious morality vs secular morality. He just said it all.


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March 2, 2012 at 1:34 am

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