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The Evolution of Pornography

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WARNING : Explicit! Mature content! Juicy! Stop reading now if you do not want to read about Ronn’s fetishes and sexual objectification of the female body.

NOPE. I’m not going to write about my fetishes. Nor I’m going to write about sexual fantasies.

But I do think pornography is something fun to write about. Why? Simply because it’s a multi-billion dollar industry. Because pornography is the most consumed content on the internet. And because I personally think it is one of the best inventions to (virtually) fulfill the deepest need of human primal instinct (Freudien theory).

Plus, it’s an industry which I have been observing for many good years, so I think it’s time to put down some digital ink on this topic. Here we go.

In The Beginning ..

My first impression of pornography wasn’t really good. In fact, I thought it was awful. When I first watched pornography, especially Western pornography, I thought it was ugly, dirty, gross, and distasteful.  I refused to believe this level of pornography will appeal to anyone other than 60 years old sweaty sticky old men who somehow just have fetishes for everything ugly.

I genuinely felt pornography is a very badly packaged product that people will just keep buying anyway because people desperately need it. Sorta like TM’s Unifi. It’s expensive and not blazing fast by international standard, but Malaysians will still subscribe to it because they crave for ‘fast’ internet. We just don’t have many quality choices around.

Sure, pornography makes lots and lots of money… by selling an inferior product to a desperate market. However, I’ve always thought pornography could be at a higher level. The level where the industry makes lots of money selling a more tasteful product instead.

And then, I witnessed the revolution of Japanese pornography.

The Evolution of Japanese Pornography

Japanese pornography before the year 2000 did give me the same vibe as Western pornography but with just 2 main differences – Japanese actresses are more submissive compared to the western counterpart and their movies have more weird fetishes themes. And so yeah, equally as bad if not worse.

But it all changed in the mid of 2000’s. Around the year 2004, S1 Style Studio revolutionized and revamped the entire Japanese pornography industry with some pretty ingenious marketing killer moves.

Basically the two killer marketing moves they made were:

1 –  Relabeled ‘Porn’ to ‘Adult Video’ & relabeled ‘Porn Actresses’ to ‘Adult Video Idols’.

2- Made adult video idols mainstream.

So, how did S1 Studio make them mainstream? Apart from all the adult movies the girls performed in, they also …

  • Occasionally placed the girls in Japanese TV drama series as cameo
  • Fund movies for the idols to be a leading actress in some B-grade movie
  • Feature them as guests in TV game shows and entertainment shows
  • Organize fans meeting sessions
  • Producing music singles and albums
  • Mini concerts for them to perform singing
  • Produce music videos

Plus, instead of portraying the girls as sluts or some hyper horny creatures, they maintained the cute, innocent, and clean idol image in their adult movies. Fully naked of course. And no weird strange movie themes. Straight forward themes doing common role playing. Because the main focus is not about fulfilling some sort of strange fetish pleasures in the viewers. It’s all about showcasing the idols’ talent and beauty.

Suddenly, these girls are no longer porn stars.  They have useful talents. They are entertaining.  They are some sort of celebrity. They have fans following. It’s a newly defined industry.

What are the benefits of mainstreaming the adult video industry?

  • Creating new buyer behaviour –  By making adult video mainstream, people openly supporting the adult video idols has become culturally acceptable. No longer guys sneakily go into a shop to buy porn in Japan. Whenever a guy buys an adult movie, he is doing it not because he is some desperate horny guy (even if he is) but because he is supporting his favourite idol.
  • Gives a cleaner image –  These girls have useful talent. They perform. They are not just some shoddy actress. That’s why they are all over the TV. They are idols.
  • Creates following – Just like in JPOP and KPOP industry where fanatics will buy every single album and attend every concert of their favourite pop groups, fans of the adult video idols will also buy every single of the adult video release to complete the collection.
  • Expanding the pornography industry – People who wasn’t interested with pornography are constantly exposed to the cute and pretty idols on TV. Chances are they will check out the adult videos too.

S1 Studio was once the most popular studio popularizing legendary idols like Sora Aoi, Maria Ozawa, Honoka, Rio, Yuma Asami, Akiho Yoshizaki, etc.. But from 2011 onwards, they have since lost their throne to IdeaPocket due to lack of innovation and lack in aggression in recruiting new and fresh idols (because female idols will naturally lose their appeal once they pass the age 27 or 28, not only in adult video industry but also in JPOP and KPOP industries. It’s a natural thing.)

Sure, non-idol-mostly-weird-ass-gross-themes pornography do still exist. But the mass no longer go for them. It has became a niche. All the new videos on the best-sellers frontpage typically have an idol on it. Japanese pornography has evolved vs 10 years ago.

Evidence of how Japanese adult video idols went mainstream – A  music video of a pop group consist of all popular adult video idols.  (And yes, I do recognize most of them ;/)

The Incoming Revolution of Western Pornography? Or Just a Niche Market?

The Japanese pornography industry evolved by making their idols mainstream, boosting their popularity, and giving them a cleaner image thus making adult video culturally acceptable. How about Western pornography? Sure, some of the top porn actresses do get followings to a certain extend, but the entire industry landscape did not evolved much at all over the last many years.

However, I noticed a niche porn industry going on in the last 1 year which coincide with the ongoing habits of the social media world and new trends. And i’m start seeing the potential of the next generation of Western pornography. It’s not happening yet – But i’m gonna boldly make a prediction for the next evolution of pornography (and which I believe should happen)-

An all new Pornography industry for the female market

Pornography has traditionally focused and targeted the male market only. But i believe, pornography can evolve by just shifting the target market to the female market. And I strongly believe it should be the way to go. I based my analysis and prediction on the 2 points below:

Point A (WHY): The Rise of Artsy Stuffs and other Trends.

1. Tumblr – In the past few years, Tumblr has gotten more and more popular, especially among the female demographics. What is on Tumblr? Basically all the most interesting pictures and GIFs on earth are on Tumblr. And if you pay attention to what sort of pictures girls usually reblog on Tumblr, they are usually artsy, semi-erotic, sexy pictures. For example, a pretty boy sexily kissing a pretty girl with some random quotes.  Judging by all the pictures girls like viewing on Tumblr, I think the site it’s sorta like a porn for the ladies.

2. Instagram – As smartphone gets better and better, now everyone can take photos with their smartphone. We have now a trend where people like to add filters to the picture to create an artsy feel and sharing it with their friends.

3. Fifty Shades – Another upcoming trend I foresee is the rise of mainstream erotic novels. I think the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy has broken barriers in many ways – Girls are not shy anymore to show they are reading an erotic novel and openly discussing about it.

4. X-Art, Met-Art, Joymii, – Sites for artsy porn. They are still mainly catering to the male market but I believe by just slightly tweaking up the business model, videography and with some good marketing, artsy porn could easily penetrate the female market because I believe it is naturally appealing to the females.

When all the dots are connected , I strongly believe that there can be a huge potential for female pornography market to boom. It’s almost an untapped market. In the future, pornography will not be exclusively a guy thing only but could also for female too. And to make it happen we will probably need to make artsy porn mainstream.

Point B (HOW): Changing Standards To Fit New Market

As an avid gamer, I have witnessed how gaming industry in the past evolved from a traditionally male market and opened up itself. 15 years ago, female gamers were virtually non-existent.  Today, every 1 in 4 gamers are female. Of course, females don’t just naturally come and adopt gaming all of a sudden for no reasons. It’s all about the industry changing standards – By focusing the game to be fun instead of challenging. By focusing on attractive graphics and story-line instead of the gaming mechanics. By making games short and easy instead of long and difficult. By giving a more feminine feel to the game rather than masculine or macho feel.

And it’s the very same reason why I quit console gaming and despise this new standard. It’s the very same reason, why I prefer playing 15 years old games rather than new games. But at the same time, I’m aware that my personal vendetta with this new gaming standard is futile and one-sided. That’s because they gained many more female gamers for every one Ronn who quits.

Similarly, for the next generation of pornography, the standards can be changed to appeal to the female audience. We can get cues of what female want in the erotica department from the book Fifty Shades of Grey. Detailed, dreamy, fantasy-ish, passionate, the forbidden fruit, etc. Sounds pretty close to videos from X-Art.

I’m a big fan of X-Art videos. I personally love artsy porn for many reasons. For one, I think it’s extremely beautiful, clean and natural. It’s tastefully high quality. It’s like the iPhone of pornography. X-Art, in my opinion, did everything right by challenging the status quo of current hardcore porn and setting their own standards.

1. Good looking actors & actress (typically Eastern European girls who has a more natural beauty look)

2. Beautiful background and settings – From house, hotel, sea, beach, forest, or even outdoor city, everything is just beautiful. It’s like a perfect dream. (True story – I was watching one of the X-Art’s video and I was so marveled by the beauty of the sea and i was just staring at it for some time)

3. More intimate and passionate scenes

4. Better video filters to create a more artsy color and feel.

Artsy porn is definitely not for everyone. But if they can create a scenario where for every one old sticky sweaty man leaving but gaining several female customers at the same time, I would say it’s a good trade. A very good trade actually.



Some may argue pornography may not appeal to all female. Surely, just like gaming industry, most females are not attracted to gaming despite how the gaming industry has evolved over the years. Heck, not even all males are gamers too. Some people may like it, some people don’t. It’s just the way of life. It’s just business.

But just like any other industries, if you could just increase the market share by 1% or 2%, you would probably be a champion. At this moment, every 1 in 3 person who watches porn is a female. Imagine the potential if it goes to 1:1

Right now, artsy pornography is on a very niche market. Will artsy porn become mainstream? Will the mass adopt the new pornography standard? As a multi-billion dollar business industry, I surely do hope the demand will not be forever dictated by the taste of old sticky sweaty men. To make it happen, it will need the power of female market to influence the supply and demand of pornography production. If the ladies are sold by artsy porn, then we would probably see the evolution and adoption of the next generation of pornography in the next few years.

Written by elan85

December 26, 2012 at 11:04 pm

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  1. Don’t think this applies with “modern-yet-conservative” Asian girls. The truth is, modern Asian girls now seemed to portray they are more open minded, but at the same time, when the Sex topic arises, most of them will dismiss the idea straightaway – thinking it as gross,weird and awful. Take for instance the bra and bikini top situation. Apparently, It is ok for them to showoff their bikini top and not the bra… This is a joke.


    December 27, 2012 at 10:24 am

  2. does femjoy, met art and heggre art fit te category of porn?


    December 26, 2013 at 7:46 pm

  3. I found your post comments while searching Google. It is very relevant information. Great work. Regularly I do not make posts on blogs, but I have to say that this posting really forced me to do so. Really awesome post. Really fantastic and I will be coming back for more information at your site and revisit it! Japan adult videos.


    June 17, 2014 at 8:50 pm

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