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Advice For People Who Have No Talent But Want To Be Good At Something – Lessons From Futsal

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From the very first time I played football when I was a kid, I already fell in love with the game. It’s an addictive game. And I can’t stop playing it. I always looked forward to the weekends when I can just play along with my friends in a small field near my house.  In a blink of an eye, we played together on the precious little field for the next 6 years.

Eventually, football vanished from my weekly activity when I was 17. Our football gang disbanded because the little field had became too small for our size. And then DotA creeped in and consumed my soul and time. Soon, playing football with friends became a forgotten activity.

I did not actively play football again until I was 25. Around 2 years ago, my friend dragged me back in to futsal court to play with the gang. And I started love playing the game again. I couldn’t figure out the reason on why would I skipped playing football actively for 7 years. I wasted my time on not doing something I like…

The Truth About No Talent.

In the first few months of playing futsal, it was dreadful. I think it was actually one of the most horrible feelings ever – To be so sucky at something you really love doing. I couldn’t keep up with other people’s pace. My football techniques is worse than a kid. I can’t seem to be able to dribble pass anybody. My shots are weak. I was basically a liability in every single sense.

I remembered I could dribble pass opponents quite easily when I was playing in the small field. I remembered I could effortlessly volley goals in for fun too. But everything seems to have lost.

It didn’t take me long to realize the harsh truth – I have zero talent in football.

To draw a comparison, it reminds me of ectomorph type of body – It’s tough for ectomorph body to be buff because there’s very little natural potential for it to have body mass. It takes much more effort for ectomorph to gain muscle than any other types of body. Sure, it looks good when ectomorph gets muscular but once the body stop working out for 2-3 weeks, all the precious muscles gained in 3 months will just vaporize through thin air (been there, experienced that)

I believe, just like in every areas you have no natural talent in, when you stop doing/playing for a lengthy period of time, you will eventually lose it … naturally.

Strategizing abilities 

It kinda sadden me to be so ineffective during futsal. The gang is friendly, but the feeling of being a burden is … quite burdening. Fortunately, since football is a team game, it means there are plenty of dynamics in the gameplay.  And so I deployed three personal strategies which are close to my strengths to stop becoming a liability and start being useful to the team ….

1. Stamina – I gradually improved my stamina and be the hardworking player on the field. I run around closing down, putting pressure and chasing for the ball. I run up and down the field to add my presence to support both the attack and defense. And just keep running, running and running. I realized it’s not really smart actually to throw all the stamina like that for nothing, but it’s the best way to impose your presence on the field.

2. Vision – This is one gameplay aspect which I got to improve from zero to a very good level. During attacking, to have the vision and awareness of knowing where all your teammates are in a glance and to be able to predict their movements to deliver the killer passes. During defending, anticipating what the opponents will do, and the awareness of your opponents’ position so to position myself properly to intercept the gameplay.

3. Passing techniques – I figured the best way to complement vision is to put in accurate passes. So I just focused to improve and keep learning on how to do crossings, through balls, one touch passes, and link up play passes properly.

I have been playing futsal actively now for the last 2 years and I always feel positive whenever i’m on the field. The next aspect of the gameplay I wanna improve on would probably be holding the ball. Losing the ball when under pressure has been something which is quite frustrating lately.

Key Lessons

1. Know yourself. Know your strengths and weakness. Accept your weaknesses openly. And never lie to yourself … it’s one of the biggest obstacles in improving yourself better.

2. When you have no talent for something, you always need to substitute it with hard work or intelligence. There are no other choices in order to avoid mediocrity.

3.  When it comes to an activity or environment where there are plenty of dynamics, you don’t necessarily need to be good at everything. You just need to be good at one thing which everyone else can rely on you. In other words, find your niche. Like what Bruce Lee once said,  don’t train 10,000 different punches, but to train one punch 10,000 times. Strategize what techniques or skills you need to pick up based on the environment around you and focus on it until you become the pro.

4. Some people are gifted with natural talent in certain areas. Everything just flow naturally to them like magic. And their superpower stays with them perpetually throughout their life. For the talent-less,  you can either stay jealous of them forever or do something about it.  And remember to always accept the fact that if you put in hard work on something that you have no natural talent in, it will gradually diminish if you do not put in effort to maintain it.

It’s not your fault, it is just the way it is.


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April 8, 2013 at 12:18 am

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