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Ronn’s Super Logic to Happiness: Lessons from fat people

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I was watching a TV show the other day, not sure what’s the name again but it was some IQ-lowering bimbo show which i will never  want to watch again.

There was this part of the show where somebody called this girl fat. And she dished out a statement which I swear I have heard countless of times coming out from female’s mouth (or social media statuses).

“I’m very happy with who I really am and my size.  People have no right to comment about my body and should just keep the opinion to themselves. Who are they to tell me what I should or should not do?”

And I thought there was something not right with her tone. If she is REALLY happy with her body shape, why is she sounding so pissed and so desperately defending her ego? Happy people always accept who they truly are and care less about what other people say or think.

Aha! Maybe she’s not really happy. Just words to disguise her true feelings. Like a mask. Pretending that she is not hurt by the words.

In the past, there were people commenting that I have boring sense of fashion. I laughed it off and thought that they were pretty true. I’m OK and happy with simple and plain fashion. So their words weigh almost nothing to me. And then some people commented that I have skinny fat. That took me quite aback. I immediately halved my rice intake ever since and started going swimming to lose that tummy while gaining some body mass.

But rarely will I go into denial mode telling the world that I’m happy yet feeling pissed at the same time.

It could be because I’m a guy, who usually cares less about many things. Or maybe because unconsciously, I’ve been applying a logic flow in my head to solve problems. Now, let me share with you the secret of having daily happiness – I call it Ronn’s Super Logic to Happiness.

Let’s use fat people as example again. Let’s say you are fat.


Someone calls you fat. Is the statement true?

– IF NO. Either the person who calls you fat is hallucinating or you are in denial. Make sure it is not you.

– IF YES. Goto Step 2


Look yourself in the mirror again. Are you truly happy with your body size when people label you as fat?

– YES. I’m super happy. I have embraced my fatness since long time ago and I always laugh along when people call me fat. I eat that burger now.

– NO. Actually, deep down, I really want to be slim and look good. Goto Step 3


FIX IT. You need to do something about it to fix the problem and make a change. Eat less, more exercise. Conscious efforts.
EMBRACE IT. If after attempts to fix it but still not working, then you will have to learn on how to embrace and accept it as part of your life with pride. 

IF YOU DO NOTHING. If you are not happy yet not doing anything about it or refuse to embrace it- You will be trapped in a perpetual state of limbo being confused with life, not knowing what exactly you want, wondering why the world and people are so cruel with words, starting to not give a shit about people yet at the same time craving or hoping for acknowledgement from others. You will never be happy because you are perpetually confused with everything but hope that someday things will turn out fine.

Nope. Fairytale does not magically happen in life.



IMO, the toughest part of using Ronn’s Super Logic is the ability to look at the mirror and be 101% completely honest with oneself. The rest are pretty easy. We have been lying to ourselves so frequently on daily basis that we convieniently forget about our true self. The habit could be so bad that some people are always in denial about things. Or unaware what the true reality is. Like you know …. those people who auditioned for American Idol, got booed off by Simon Cowell, and still they think they are one of the best singers around. Best example ever.

Ronn’s Super Logic to Happiness can be applied everywhere across your life with the same 3 steps model –

1. Is It True?

2. Are you Happy?

3. No – Then fix it.  If it can’t be fixed, then accept it. 

Imagine some accusations I’m about to throw at you. (like typical aunties and uncles always do). Which makes you unhappy? Fix it with Ronn’s Super Logic of Happiness!

– You are not successful in your career!

– Why your boyfriend/girlfriend so boring one?

– You are not matured! Still acting like a small kid

– Why you always dress like a grandma/grandpa?

Some people believe that opinion of other people does not matter. But not for me. I always listen to all comments/feedback/opinion/criticism of others about myself. I like the harsh truths where I can judge for myself if the statement holds water or not. Or if the statement matters. If statement not true, ignore. If true, then act or fix the problem accordingly. Avoiding the reality and lying to oneself is the biggest sin someone can do to themselves.

Happy New Year, and hope this will help you to achieve all of your 2014 resolutions. Peace.

“Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armour yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.”
~Tyrion Lannister (when he was called a dwarf)


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December 31, 2013 at 5:47 pm

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