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One Week In Taiwan

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Day 1

– KLIA. Such an unintuitive location for an airport location. So far away from city and civilization and everyone needs to pay so much to take a cab there. And all you you see while going to the airport are trees, cars and billboards.

– If first impression is important, I think KLIA has a pretty much failed in such location. Imagine if you are a tourist who is excited to travel and you land in Malaysia. After checking out and collecting your luggage, you feel mega excited to see how KL is like. But you will have no choice but to spend the next one hour staring at trees and billboards in the bus or cab before you see civilization.

– Wow the Taiwanese custom officer assumed that I can speak mandarin after seeing my Malaysian passport. Not even one hour of stepping in to the country already like this. Die la.

– But well, i do speak mandarin to a certain extent , so challenge accepted~~~

– Observing how restaurants in Taipei  handle customers during peak hour. Their efficiency and services level are quite mind blowing. Something to learn for everyone who does Operation work. How they move large chunk of customers in and out while providing top services in a systematic way

– Not every Taiwanese girls are pretty, but most of them really know how to dress up well

– I have a theory that the majority of good looking Chinese girls have Hokkien or Cantonese blood (Chinese from South East China region) That’s why you will hardly find pretty Chinese girls in Shanghai or Beijing but plenty in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, HK.

Day 2

– Doesn’t matter if it is 8am, 12pm or 5pm .. Taiwan’s sky is always looking gloomy.

– IQ question. Ronn dislikes overly crowded places. And Taiwan has plenty of crowded places. Therefore Ronn dislikes Taiwan. Is the statement above true or false?

– Taiwanese food is pretty bland. Less sugar, less salt and less oil. Mamak food lover would have raged at Taiwanese food because even Maggi goreng has more flavor than the noodles here. But I very much like it because Mamak food sucks anyway.

– Nothing is overly sweet here. Soya bean, chocolate drink, ice cream, orange juice, even fruits too. Traveling 4000KM away helped me realize that Najib’s “kurangkan gula dalam minuman dan tambahkan manis dalam senyuman” is the wisest quote ever by a Malaysian prime minister.

– After buying some new pants and shoes in Taiwan, I feel scammed back in Malaysia to pay up to Rm250 for a pair of shoes. I just bought a Zara-looking shoe for Rm65.

– The secret of how Taiwanese youngsters have good fashion sense – everything is cheap from shoes to pants to shirt to bag to wallet. Basically, with cheap fashionable clothes everywhere, they have no excuse not to dress up properly.

– It is quite a duh-ish thing to say, but it just gave me the realization on the importance of economic incentives to shape behavior. If the country want people to dress up well, make nice clothes come cheap. If the country want to make people tech savvy, make technology cheap. Make them so affordable to the point people have no reason not to adopt it. So what do Malaysia want us to be? Malaysia want us to be fat with all the sugar in mamak food.

– By now, you should roughly know how much hatred i have for mamak food.

– Taiwanese people are generally quite civilized, drivers are sensible, road is clean. Kinda reminds me of Singapore but less developed in terms of buildings infrastructure.

– But for such an organized country, it is quite perplexing that it is hard to find rubbish bin around. I have been holding the empty food packets for like 2o minutes already.

Day 3

– “Which university are you from? What are you studying? You look very young” Stahp it … Stahp!!

– When it comes to underpromise and overdeliver, my age is a massive failure in this respect.

– Mindblowing fact – Just realized I have yet to see even a single cat in Taiwan. I have a conspiracy theory that all cats have been eaten up by dogs to assert their dominance of stray kings.

– Or perhaps Taiwanese are pet-ist and exterminated all the cats already.

– Was imagining how would it be like to be a horny male cat walking around the street with no other female cats around.

– Every tourist has a major obsession of taking photos during holiday … I don’t share and understand such obsession. Leave me alone with the trees, mum.

– I strongly believe I’m the only one in this world who does not value photography while traveling. I have zero attachments to photographs.

– People like to feed koi fishes at the spot where 99% of the fishes are fighting and struggling for the food pellets. I like to feed the 1% who are at the other end who didn’t give a shit.  The non competitive ones.

Day 4

– I finally found groundbreaking evidence for Nature vs Nurture debate. Just compare the mindset of Malaysian Chinese vs China Chinese although we have the same ancestors. Eureka.

– The Chinese people have the longest human civilization history among all ethnics and races in this world yet they still need to shout to each other’s face as a form of effective communication

– People like to describe food in such an exquisite detail of how delicious certain dish is as though all food can be ranked from A to F. In Ronn’s world, there are only 2 states food can belong to – Uneatable and eatable. And I just ate half of the fish the aunties and uncles complained as being not fresh and smell.

– After several days of hanging in this country, I got a gut feeling Taiwanese English is slightly poorer than Shanghai people’s English.

– A girl wearing a nice sexy low cut dress riding a motorcycle. For two seconds, my brain couldn’t compute what  I just saw

– Still no cats sighted. As each day pass by, my theory is becoming more legit.

Day 5

– Culture shock! Restaurant is full. A pair of Taiwanese girl asked if they can share table. Once given the nod of approval, they immediately dropped their handbags on the chairs and walked off to grab their buffet breakfast. As a guy from Malaysia, I can’t help but to stare at their unattended handbags with evil intentions.

– Was deeply observing and analyzing parrots saying ‘Ni hao’ and ‘hello’ and suddenly got disrupted by mum to take picture. I was this close to have a Nobel Award-worthy discovery on universe and languages until I was sabotaged by humanity’s vanity.

– There is something really peaceful about Buddhist monastery. I think the birds played a major part to create such impression.

– Hot Taiwanese girl checking Ronn out. For two seconds, I am feeling like the handsomest guy in the world

– Spending a great deal of time on the bus,  and the 3G coverage in Taiwan is amazing whether we are on top of the hill or at the countryside or at the beach area.

– Really love the road system in Taiwan. Special lane for public bus and taxis hence they never get stuck in jam. And bus stop like in every 500 meters.

– Saw some squirrels. And still no cats.

Day 6

– After several days here, I conclude there are only 2 main reasons why you go to Taiwan – 1. Visiting hills or 2. Nightmarkets .. If you are not doing any of them, the trip is kinda pointless.

– All bungalows in Taiwan are open gated.

– Everywhere I travel, i always feel depressed seeing how confident the people in their country are towards public security.  I’m not a fan of criticizing the government, but we have to admit Malaysia isn’t really taking any drastic steps to restore public confidence in security.

– Of all the meals I had in Taiwan, the buffet dinner in Park View’s hotel is the best meal Ronn had in his so many days here. They serve only lean meat, no bones, international flavour, fresh and plenty of variety of dishes. I always value practicality over everything else. I don’t give 2 cent shit about uniqueness if it is not practical.

– Lobster and crab are perfect examples of impractical food – expensive, little meat, tedious to eat, messy and … Expensive. Give me chicken any day.

– In Malaysia, all the brand outlets are inside the shopping malls. Here, you can see Nike and Adidas shops on the streets.

Day 7

– I have watched Ip Man like hundred of times. Guess which movie I am watching on the plane out of hundreds of movie selections? That’s right … Ip Man. Girls, take note. Ronn’s loyalty to his favourite things is unparalleled


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