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Ronn’s Top 10 Favourite anime/manga

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1. Naruto – The best manga in the universe. Everything is just complete and perfect from the dynamics of the story, character developments, battle systems and the diversity of powers and abilities. Crazy inspirational too. Also, the only thing which is closest to bringing tears to my eyes on many occasions (and i have to suck it back in to my eyes every time).

I honestly don’t believe there will be any manga/anime which can top Naruto in my lifetime.

2. Death Note – The most intelligent anime i’ve ever watched. The first 15 episodes or so is the most mind blowing psychological battle ever. A story of a genius killing criminals via a death notebook and another genius detective hunting him down. I only wish that it had ended on a high right after the death of L.

3. Attack on Titan – Not a fan of human vs monster kind of the anime as i never like morbid anime … until I realized this show is much more than that. It actually has a very deep and engaging story line about mystery, conspiracy, and politics. And suddenly i’m hooked and became a big fan of the show. The story is about some mysterious giant monsters called Titan who hunt and feed on human while a team of soldiers fighting to protect the people and towns.

(The top 3 are my personal super favourites which i will vouch with my life that they are super good. The rest, they are more of individual preferences. And i’m biased cos i like more intellectual manga/anime)

4. Liar Game (manga only) – The best manga for left-brained people. Pure logic and deductions. A story of a genius who vowed to take down the entire corporation which cheated people’s money with some smart MLM schemes in a gaming tournament called Liar Game.

5. Investor-Z. I wish there are more manga like this. I have learned so so much about investment, business, economics and the mindset of good investor from this manga alone. It’s like reading a book about investment and economics in the form of manga. I’m probably gonna read Dragon Zakura after this since it’s from the same author.

6 Slam Dunk – Hanamichi = The Naruto of basketball. Probably the most inspiring anime after, well, Naruto. A bunch of misfits competing in national school basketball tournament.

7. One Outs – A story of a genius who uses logic and strategy to beat his opponents in baseball games while handling very complex politics between him and his superiors. The author of this manga is the same guy who wrote Liar Game, so you can never expect less from him.

8. Kaiji – Similar theme to Liar Game with plenty of logic and deductions in a survival game. Not as super brainy and complex as Liar Game but it talks a lot more about philosophical aspect of life. And they are crazy insightful too. Not a fan of the graphics though.

9. Bloody Monday (manga only) – Story about terrorists vs anti-terrorists. Glimpses of Death Note moments here and there with some battle of wits. But not Death Note enough. And it went downhill towards the second season.

10. Dragon Ball – Collected the comics religiously during primary school days. I tried re-reading it, but it never felt the same anymore. The battles are super linear and there’s no complexity in the story line. Nevertheless, Dragon Ball is the pioneer and popularizer of this genre which gave birth to manga such as Naruto, Hunter X Hunter, Bleach, One Piece, etc. And since it was part of my childhood, it deserves a mention.

Worthy of mentioning: Bleach – I rate the first 1/3 of the series to be as brilliant as Naruto and suddenly the author turned drastically lazy and uninspiring in the last 2/3. They should have stopped the series several years ago and it would have been a legendary manga. Would not have made to the list if it was not so memorable in the earlier part of the story and all the epic Bankai moments.

Notable animes/manga which are pretty OK but couldn’t bring myself to fanboi them
– Monster

– Pluto (manga only)

– Full Metal Alchemist

– Code Geass

– Legend of the Galactic Heroes

– Samurai X

– Tokyo Ghoul

– One Piece


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