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In The Name of Filial

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Read some story about some typical real life Chinese family drama story revolves around $$$ (what else). And i felt bad for the girl who was pressured to support her family financially although she is somewhat willing to do it. I think it is a very common thing amongst Chinese family.

I cannot fathom the logic of some people who have children in hoping that the children will support them back financially in the future. Isn’t that unfair to the children? That they are brainwashed through their childhood to ‘pay back’ the debt of parents who worked hard to raise them up in the name of filial and then these children are expected to be burdened financially to support them back? It is like one big ass cycle of burden which just keep looping on for generations.

Just think about it in hard logic. Push away the idea of care, love, filial and such for a moment. It is not fair to the children, because frankly they didn’t ask to be born to support the parents back in the first place. Pressuring children to support the parent back has no difference than doing emotional blackmailing in the name of filial.

It’s true, parents sacrificed a lot to raise the kids up. It’s a noble role. But it’s was a choice the parent made. Having children is not an obligation or a duty. Having children is supposed to be a passion.  When you make a choice of taking this path to raise a kid, you are supposed to absorb every difficulty you are going to face today and 30 years from today.

Here I am wondering, if I’m the only one who will feel guilty if I ever pressure my children with the expectation of supporting me back financially in the future. If I can’t support myself financially till the day I die, I won’t even want to have any children in the first place. That’s my logic. And it makes sense.

PS: My mum never asked for even a single cent from me, maybe that’s why i have the liberty to think in such a way.

PPS: Wanted to post this on FB, but gut feeling told me not to since it’s a rather controversial train of thought where it’s easy for people to assume that i have no love for parents. So yeah, to a place where nobody reads instead.


Written by elan85

May 25, 2015 at 7:06 pm

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  1. It’s quite sad that you think that no one reads these articles.. I’m just going to leave this comment here to let you know that I , for one, enjoy reading your works.

    Thankyou for sharing these interesting thoughts.


    July 14, 2015 at 10:19 pm

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