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Fruit Fly’s Spiral of Death

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I was wondering why I had so little blog posts in 2010 and then recalled i was trying to move away from this blog to abandon my old immature writings and created a new blog. And later, i abandoned the new blog after several months for reasons I couldn’t remember. Anyway, will just paste them back with minor edits here because I thought some of the ‘new me’ writings were quite good.


(Written in April 2010)

Many months ago, I was playing with a fruit fly in the office by using a banana skin as bait. Then, I trapped it in a small transparent container and watching it flying around inside, delightfully.

It just kept flying, flying, and flying, trying to escape. 2 hours later, it died. Most likely due to exhaustion.

Well of course, it came as a surprise for myself. I wasn’t aware that I was capable to become an animal-abuser who could torment a fruit fly to death. I was glad PETA wasn’t rational enough to categorize fruit-fly to be as important as other cute animals like cats, dogs and cows, else I would be in a deep shit and face eternal condemnation for my silly act of unintentionally killing a fruit fly. I am really glad PETA is a retarded-biased organization. Anyway.

On the other hand, I couldn’t resist the idea of why the fruit fly is such an moron. Hey, if you are tired of flying, relax, sit down and chill for a while before spreading your wings again, OK? Why would you want to go on to a self-destruct mode? Where is your common sense, fly? Don’t you have a brain you could use to think.

But hold! Actually, if you think about it, human are not too much different too. We also do indulge in this spiral of death – Cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs. How about people who keep eating despite being obese? Addictions to gambling till they loseall their fortunes. Even today, people are still using bullets and missiles to solve problems. The spiral of death is a reality which governs everything that lives – simply because life is controlled by a factor called as ‘habit’ powered by ‘addiction’. And when it solidify, it becomes a ‘mindset’. Just like the trapped fruit fly which has lost it’s purpose but only ‘addicted’ in finding ways to escape ala kamikaze style, human being often succumb to habits too.

More importantly however is – fruit fly does not have complex cognition unlike human beings, thus understandably, they operate via their animal instincts.

I think it is an insult to mock fruit fly’s intelligence when human beings are not fully taking advantage of our privileged cognitive abilities. I thought Dalai Lama was retarded when he said bees function better socially compared to human beings. I mean, ask the bee to build a skyscrapper dammit. But I start to see his point now. I understand. At least fruit flies don’t have the habit of slapping each other when they are fighting over a piece of banana.


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June 20, 2015 at 2:11 pm

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