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As Small As the Universe.

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As part of my daily thought exercise, i occasionally allow myself to think about some outrageous ideas of how things work. And i got a little thought of how a universe could work.

Don’t take this idea seriously as i don’t believe i could ever justify it.

I believe atom is made up of universe.

What is my body made off? Atoms.

What are atoms made off? Sub-atomic particles – proton, neutron and electron.

What is inside sub-atomic particles? Quarks.

And what is inside quarks? The most popular theory at the moment is string theory. It says atoms is made up of tiny strings, indivisible matter which curls up, hiding several dimensions that we could never see and measure. And these hidden dimensions could be the key to parallel world/universe.

But i have an alternative idea. I believe that instead of string, a quark contain a whole universe inside it. The universe is basically the basis of an atom.

Hence, i believe should there be a day when we could go beyond the boundary of the universe, we will only discover more and more universes. If we go further and further, we will discover billions and trillions more of universes. And all these universes work together in unison to form an entity, such as a human being.

Basically, my body and your body are the host for multi-trillions of universes at any given single moment. These universe will be the source of energy to allow atoms to behave as it is in quantum mechanics. And in turn, our universe will be part of other entity in another dimension.

It could possibly work just like rain. The cloud is condensed and water pour down from the sky, then the sun heat and evaporate water to form back the cloud. It has no start and end. Just a repetitive cycle of ‘reincarnation’.

PS: I got this idea while i contemplated the arts of the legendary artist M.C. Escher. A queer world which is ruled by infinite regression.




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June 9, 2008 at 1:23 am

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