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The 4 Types of Malaysian Chinese Girls

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I’ve long known that Malaysian Chinese are generally divided to 2 main groups – The English speaking and the Chinese speaking. This is quite amazing because it demonstrates the power of language – How language can divide people of the same race to have so different values and lifestyle. And I think it mainly relates to the media consumed. If you speak English only, you will tend to look West and consume Western media only (movies, tv series, music, knowledge, news) . If you speak Mandarin/Cantonese only, you will tend to look East instead and only consume Eastern media.

However, I felt this categorization model is incomplete because it doesn’t include the in-between, like myself. I could not fit in either one of the categories because i adopt both of the values. Hence, from the start, I knew there are more than 2 categories.

Recently, I rethought about this again. And I managed to profile 4 categories of Malaysian girls. And it all started out when I spent time thinking about identity crisis.

Hold, let me digress about identity crisis for a while – Why do people people have identity crisis?

Identity crisis takes place in an individual mainly for 2 reasons:

A.When someone has to take on or leave a role at certain age defined by culture

    1. Eg. Quarter-life crisis – Young adults realizing they are not having success/doing anything significant in their life compared to their friends
    2. Eg2. Mid-life crisis – Children are all grown up and parents no longer need to take care of them

B.When someone realizes that his/her personality and lifestyle do not fit with friends and people around him/her

I will not talk much about point A, as there are plenty of established theories in psychology textbooks about it. Point B, on the other hand is seemingly more interesting.

When someone can’t blend in to the group …

People generally yearn for identity and will always try to blend in with group of friends who share similar interest, values and behaviour to define the identity. In the process of blending, they will naturally adopt the common lifestyle, habits and hobbies shared by the group. And when his/her own personal value can’t fit in, he/she will feel tension.

For example, Miss A goes to a university where people are generally more conservative but her values are more liberal. She will feel tension because her liberal thoughts are consistently suppressed and get shot down by conservatives.

The impact may not be huge if she has other cliques who are also liberal where she can fall on to. However,  if all of her friends from the very beginning are conservative in nature, she will most likely be confused with life and will keep searching for meaning, or questioning her beliefs if they are right or wrong …  until she finds a group of friends who share her value and lifestyle.

The 3 major tensions are :

Language (English vs Chinese), Religion (Christian vs Buddhist vs Non), Personality(Extrovert vs Introvert)

OK, Ronn, so what’s your point?

I digressed quite a bit, but my point is simple – I based my observations on the 3 mentioned tensions above. When a person finds an identity they are comfortable in or made them felt assuring (consciously or subconsciously), he/she will naturally adopt the “train of values” set by the group.

And here you go…

Malaysian Chinese Girls – The 4 Types

Note 1 : This profiling is not perfect, and I expect to edit this list several times before it can closely depict the group personalities. Or there could be Type 5 and 6 too which I had overlooked. So let’s just call it version 1 for now.

Note 2 : Just like any other personality profiling, there are always hybrids of personality. Some girls fall into 50% of this category and 50% of that category. Some, 20% this and 80% that.  But it helps to understand the 4 extreme polar of different lifestyles. 

Note 3 : Why only Chinese girls? Because I do not want to pretend that I understand the behavior of other races as different culture generally have different lifestyle. So I stick to what I know best.

Note 4 : Why only Girls? Because guys are boring while girls are more interesting, doh

1.The Devout Girl

  • Devoted Christian
  • English-speaking with very little knowledge about Chinese language
  • Strong interests in musical instruments. Likely to be skilled in playing musical instruments (motivated by communion reasons)
  • Listen only to English music (mainstream or indie)
  • Loves travelling. Has strong desire to travel around the world especially to European countries
  • Likes coffee
  • Sensitive to political news
  • Relatively earlier marriage (mid 20s)
  • Slightly more lavish when it comes to food. Frequent customers of mid to high end restaurants
  • Will have or seek an equally religious partner
  • Extrovert and like meeting new people
  • Caring
  • Generally more optimistic about life
  • Conservative values

2.The Chinese Girl

  • Apathetic to religion. Or Buddhist
  • Speaks mainly Mandarin and Cantonese.
  • Likes hanging out at shopping complexes with friends for shopping therapy. (Mid Valley, Times Square, Sg. Wang)
  • Shopping centres are the 2nd home
  • Love karaoke
  • Inspired by Taiwanese and Korean fashion – eg. floral prints, bright colour, high pants
  • Major fan of Taiwanese and Korean TV series/shows/music
  • Listen mainly to Chinese or Korean music.
  • Likes sweet Taiwanese styled dessert – (Snowflake, Chatime, Gongcha,)
  • Camwhoring/Instagraming
  • Long and straighten hair (dyed/highlighted)
  • Not career-focused
  • Focus more on the physical beauty. Spends time on making up and pampering themselves
  • Either extreme like or extreme dislike for alcohol. For those who like alcohol, will typically hang out at places like Scott’s Garden or Puchong IOI Boulevard with friends

3.The Homely Girl

  • Stays at home most of the time with straightforward and simple lifestyle
  • Family-oriented person
  • Spend most of the time watching TV.
  • Likely to have watched most of the popular western TV series like HIMYM, Big Bang Theory, 2 Broke Girls. Also Korean or TVB dramas depending on her preference.
  • Doesn’t focus much on her looks and fashion. Extremely simple fashion taste.
  • Not motivated to make-up.
  • Other hobbies could include reading, cooking, musical instruments and possibly gaming.
  • Hangouts with the same several BFFs she got to know many years ago. Tight group.
  • Likes going for meals in restaurants or trips for girls-only bonding/chatting session among BFFs
  • Deeply attached to the father
  • Shy
  • Hardworking
  • Find it hard to get a partner

4.The Cool Girl

  • English speaking
  • Atheist/Agnostic or Christian
  • Very good fashion sense
  • Easily bored. Crave for frequent outdoor activities
  • Extrovert
  • Likely to have a special talent – Drawing, crafts, dancing, singing, designing, musical instruments
  • Likes photography and artsy stuffs (Urbanscapes Festival goer)
  • Polarized in music preference – Either listen to mainstream music or a big fan of indie/alternative music
  • Goes to gym, jogging and exercise frequently.
  • Likes partying.
  • Long and beautiful wavy hair
  • Open and liberal values
  • More active on Twitter than other social media platform

Written by elan85

December 22, 2012 at 1:20 am